The most amazing ways to celebrate this Christmas with your partner!!

If you celebrate Christmas, or if your partner does, it can be really exciting to spend the holiday together and spend a quality time.  Your Christmas celebration as a couple presents an opportunity for all kinds of festive activities: picking out a tree and decorating it with ornaments, exchanging meaningful gifts, cozying up by the fire with hot chocolate sharing long-standing traditions and childhood memories — the list of nostalgic holiday date ideas goes on and on.

In this blog we are going to share with you the best ideas to help celebrate this Christmas with your better half in the most fun and amazing way.

Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

What better way to enjoy Christmas than to watch a holiday classic snuggled with your partner on a cozy sofa? Whether you opt for something funny, like the movie “Elf,” or want to indulge into something romantic like “Love Actually,” don’t forget to make some popcorn in advance! Of course there’s always Hallmark Christmas movies to watch too!

Go See Christmas Lights

Another great activity on the list of Christmas ideas for couples is going out to see the Christmas lights. You can make it cozy by taking a thermos of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate with you to sip while you gaze at the beautiful lights. Check out the various light shows in your town and keep an eye out for any annual tree lighting activities near you.

Bake Christmas Cookies!

Food connects people and so does cooking together. Working together as a team and baking cookies of your own choice gives you a great time to bond and relax while having fun! At the end of your baking adventure, you will have some delicious treats waiting for you!


Donate Gifts

Be altruistic and give back to the community by volunteering your services and presence for good causes. The smile you will bring on other people’s faces will be worth it! The holiday season is all about love, kindness, and generosity. Share those feelings with the people who need it the most. You and your partner will bond through service to your community!

Wear Matching Christmas Sweatshirts

We know ugly Christmas sweaters are a popular gag gift, but what’s comfier than a Christmas hoodie or sweatshirt? Make it a tradition for you and your boo to cuddle up every year in cozy matching Christmas sweatshirts.


Set Up Christmas Decorations Together

One of the best opportunities to spend time together during the holidays is putting up Christmas decorations. It can take a long time to put lights on the house, decorate the Christmas tree, and set up your other decorations. Make decorating a fun bonding activity by turning these chores into a special tradition with your significant other.


Incorporate each other’s family and friends

Make time for each other’s family and friends this time of the year and show your partner how important their loved ones are to you during the holidays. If your partner comes from a family that celebrates the holidays with gift giving, Secret Santa traditions, holiday decorations or religious practices, make sure to support their traditions with their family and encourage your partner to embrace and enjoy their childhood practices. Make sure your partner actively participates in the holiday season with your family and friends as well and feels integrated into your traditions. This helps create a bond between you and your partner by incorporating those who are important to each of you. 

Plan goals for the new year together 

Celebrating the New Year can be a fun time to plan out the next year together with shared goals and aspirations. Spending time going over your goals and plans while creating others reinforces the relationship you share with your partner. It also keeps your relationship a priority for the upcoming year. Sit down together and have a lighthearted, enjoyable discussion about what next year looks like for each of you individually and together. Set goals to keep in mind as the year goes on, make room for each other’s individual goals, and hold each other accountable to reach them. The new year can bring on new and exciting aspirations as a couple; make it a point to share goals and hopes. 

Exchange gifts

Let your partner know how much you love them by giving them a thoughtful gift. This will give you a chance to get to know each other better and will help you express your love for them.


Make new traditions

Since it’s your first Christmas as a couple, you have the luxury of making your own traditions and trying out new ways to spend the festival in your own way.