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The routine of a Fauji Wife - Defence Wards Matrimony

The routine of a Fauji Wife

Queen Elizabeth once said, “If you love an Army Officer, raise your glass. And if an Army Officer loves you, then raise your head and walk like a Queen!”

Here are a few things only a soldier’s wife/girlfriend will understand.

You start eating your meals N.D.A (National Defence Academy) style, even when he is not around! This eating style becomes a habit for you if you’ve been dating him for a long time.

You feel amused when girls complain about not seeing their boyfriend for a day or two. The crib and complaints about not seeing their partner for a week is rather funny, and there you are who have not seen him in 6 months.

Your heart beats faster and you tend to get worried when you hear about an attack on forces deployed at the border. You are always tensed about him and prays for his safety at all times.

You get used to hearing “Ma’am/Ma’am Sahab” from every friend of his you have the pleasure of meeting. The amount of respect you get from his coursemates and seniors are just exemplary.

You keep counting the days till he returns and you are ready to give up just anything to be with him. The urge to meet your soldier boy is way too strong.

The hugs he gives you before leaving is just heartbreaking and is not easy to handle. But the hug that you get when he returns, your happiness knows no bound.

That one unexpected call from him just makes your day.

Your newspaper reading priorities gradually change. The first thing you check for now are reports of cease-fire violations at the borders. All you care about is his safety and protection

“THIS TOO SHALL PASS” has become your life’s mantra. In fact, you tend to become more independent and strong. You’ve become extremely patient in life.

Even though his job is dangerous, tough and takes him away for long periods of time, and also now you are aware of the hardships and sacrifices of an Army man, you actually feel proud of who he is and what he does.