Ways to deliver a WOW experience to your Shaadi guests

Whether you’re wondering how to entertain your wedding guests during the wedding photography part of the day, or you’re looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas that’ll keep your guests smiling all day, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

An Indian wedding is a saga which brings together guests of all age groups, from an infant to the young hearts to the grannies and grandpas. And it is only fair that we offer to them, a diverse range of experiences that each and every guest can take back for life.

Here are some ways you could ‘wow’ your guests:

Have a Photo Booth

There’s a reason why hiring a wedding photo booth for your is such a popular idea – they’re so much fun. They also provide your guests with a lovely memento to take home with them to ensure they remember your wedding day forever.

The Proper Booth allows guests to create photos and boomerangs which can be instantly printed, air-dropped or emailed to them. Think your traditional photo booth, but seriously jazzed up.

Treat them to a different culinary experience each time

Food is an integral part of any wedding, and acts as an important parameter for your guests to decide if they are enjoying the wedding. Experimenting with different cuisines will keep the guests looking forward to the next meal. Complementing the choice of cuisine with the theme of the event works well. Innovative presentation styles can be used, accompanied by different seating styles, from a wide spread buffet to a pangat to a seated dinner, the pick is yours!

Arrange a Fireworks Display

What better way to end your wedding night than with a show stopping firework display? Not only are they the perfect end to a full day of celebrations but they lend themselves to a fantastic photo opportunity too.

It’s not a good idea to start lighting fireworks yourselves after a day of, err, merriment, so opt for a professional firework supplier and let the experts create those magical moments for you!

Hire a Magician

There are few things more entertaining than magic. It’s a skill that really gets the mind working, and your guests will be determined to figure out the secret behind the trick!

Titles and awards

You think that uncle and aunty were the best dancers, or, the bride’s niece is everyone’s favourite? Tell them. Make your sangeet memorable by giving titles and awards to individuals as well as couples.


Karaoke might sound a little common. But, it is the heartthrob of a good cultured party even today.


Girl’s family v/s boy’s family dance competition

This is a very entertaining part of the wedding as the boy’s family and the girl’s family both participate in it with full zeal and enthusiasm. The guests are going to have a very special moment witnessing it.