Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To Sign In , Go to our website There you will find 'LOGIN' button. Click on it and put in your Email Id and Password and click on Login, your profile will open up.
To create a profile , Go to our website and 'Register' yourself by clicking on 'SIGN UP FREE' and filling in all the details. Once you sign up, you will be directed to fill in your wards details.
In case you forgot your password, simply click on 'FORGOT PASSWORD' button under the 'SIGN IN' section on our homepage and then enter your e-mail Id. You will get yopur password in your registered mail id.
To take a Premium Membership, just click on 'Upgrade Now' on your profile which will take you to the to the page where you can choose your membership plan and make a payment accordingly. You need to fill in ALL the details.

For Bank Payment, get in touch with our team on 7508090821/921, details will be sent to you.
To delete your profile, go to Account Settings, then click on HIDE/DELETE Profile and click on 'Delete Account'. Your profile will get deleted. Don't forget to write the reason for deletion.
To hide your pictures, Go to Account Settings. Then click on Privacy Options, click on 'Visible only on Invitations Sent/Accepted'.
To make a search, you have two options : Basic Search or Advanced Search. Just fill in the desirable parameters to get profiles of your choice.