Success Stories

Avilash and Pridarshini

Amazing site. I found my match withing three months of registration. Great service! Will recommend.

Vijay and Kalyani

Successful marriage through DWM. Great app and very good customer support.

Neetu Rani and kshitiz Gupta

Thank you defence wards matrimony . Great website . Found my match so qiuckly

jaspreet singh and kusum

Found each other through DWM. The relationship manager was very helpful. Would recommend this app to everyone looking for a partner!

hitesh and sonali

i got a match, thankyou

Parashakti and Karuppasamy

Success through Defence Wards Matrimony.

Rahul and Sunita Yadav

committed thanks to DWM

Sid and Sunita Yadav

Committed because of DWM. Successfully found my life partner.

Nikhil Kurup weds Sargam

So I am Sargam Shukla and I am a serving Army officer's daughter. I joined Defence Wards Matrimony in April 2020 (while I was working in New Zealand) on a recommendation of a friend who got married to an Army officer through the same app and I was fortunate enough to attend their wedding on 30th November,2020 In chandigarh. My journey with the app has been tremendous. I met Mr Nikhil on 26th August, 2020 through this app and then there was no looking back. Within a month of knowing him I flew back all the way from New Zealand to India during the horrific pandemic. But the luck was in my court and I was able to meet Nikhil in the 1st week of November. And baam! on 16th February,2021 we got Engaged! We plan on getting married next year around the same time as well. I shall not deny it but I was only able to find him because of the defence matrimonial app. And there's no doubt that this website is doing great for everyone out there. So thank you for bring my soulmate to me. And wishing you all the luck getting other people their perfect match.

Prateek weds Shivani

It was really a great experience , to be honest DEFENCEWARDS is a great portal to find a good match as compared to others sites, I had an amazing story , I was constantly checking for new profiles with the "Just Joined" feature, and one day my fiancé created a profile and I simply saved her number to call afterwards, but she deleted her profile in 2 days because of too many request, and when I called her it was miracle and she agreed with my proposal. and here we are engaged, Thanks to TEAM. I recommended my all friends to get the membership of DEFENCE WARDS MATRIMONY. Thanks a lot once again.

Puneet Ahluwalia weds Soniya

I am pleased to inform Defence Wards Matrimony that I have found my perfect match. It seems like everything was destined as everything went so smooth, right from contacting Puneet to personally meeting and knowing each other. Meeting in person was a different feeling and I loved it. Since I knew the owner of this website,she took personal interest and helped me find my partner. Thank you very much Defence Wards Matrimony for such an alliance. God Bless the Team.

Neha weds Rahul

I am here to share my story i.e. how I got my soul mate... When I created my profile on, I was not so serious because I heard from some people's that searching a bride online might b a dubious thing.. But after some time I realized that, this a not a dubious thing... And I found there many suitable matches... Then I met a girl who is my wife now... We started talking to each other and then decided to meet. Then we met on a hot day of April in a park for 2 hours. And after some meetings we realized that we love each other... Then we got married in December 2015... Thanks for helping us to find our soul mate..

Priyanka weds Rahul

Hello Winsome people, As RahulPriyanka would like to thank Defence WardsMatrimony"site for getting us together once again,frenz our wonderful story goes like this" wen we were giving our SSB (Army) Examz at 18,19SSB Allahabad in 2013,as we are Military Brats so,we marched towards our Proud Targets,cracked SSB and went to OTA for trainings..after one year got detailed at different corners of Hindustan, he was at ASSAM and I was at JODHPUR, bass Ragada was on full swing n we were busy with our parades n tasks.Initially we used to miss each other as good frends, we searched each other a lot.but cudnot get..One day on frends saying both started searching each other on different Defence sites,finally in 2017" V got each other at DWM" we just can't describe how much Happee we were after meeting.Once again thank u soo much DWM" really life bnaadi boss "keep helping such brats. Jai Hind.

Sidharth Sharma and Sakshi Tripath

We met through the website when I contacted the team of Defence Wards to get in touch with them, since he had expressed an interest in my profile. After knowing that his side was interested in contacting as well, I being a Premium member made the contact through my father. Our fathers agreed to meet first, and then the second meeting was when I first met Sidharth. We both being army wards, found out that we had a number of mutual friends. After the first meeting, we started meeting more and spoke on the phone. Thankfully, both families gelled pretty well, and I found my love in Sidharth thanks to Defence Wards Matrimony. Sidharth and I are happily set to be married early next year. I must say it is a very exclusive and good meeting platform for wards of the Defence.

Praneet Weds Parivesh

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful site you are running... The Defence Wards Matrimony... I really appreciate the interest your team and you (Mrs Brar) personally take in helping people find the right match. I have been through so many matrimonial sites but never got the response that you all give. You have a large data base which makes it easier for people to find the correct partner. Thankyou for leading us on to find a wonderful son in law and a loving family for my daughter. May you be successful in every endeavour and may all who visit your site find their soul mates. God bless

Shubham and Ishita

We are pleased to announce that our children Shubham and Ishita are getting married to each other. We would like to thank Defence Wards Matrimony for providing their services to us. The employees extended their help to facilitate this arrangement. Would definitely recommend the website to other fellow defence people looking for alliances for their children. 

Sarabjeet and Harleen

Hi friends, I want to share my story with you. But firstly, thank you defencewardsmatrimony .com for helping us to select a right partner. You have brought true love to our life. I would like to thanks team for excellent service. I'm really happy & very thankful. Well, my story started in 13 Mar 2015, when we shared our interest to each other and our families too were interested & in continuous we got engaged in 15 April 2015.

Kamlesh weds Monika

I was looking for partner and one day she accepted my interest. After that I got a message and number from his parent’s side and we communicated and had conversation over phone. After a long time we come to know that we are made for each other and our families are best suited for each other. Each and everything of both of us as well as our families got matched in such a way that its been a divine relationship which has been fixed earlier in heaven. we. A HEARTIEST THANKS TO

Faiyaz weds Yasmeen

Hi i am Yasmeen, and I found my match on defencewardsmatriomony .com. I am thankful to defencewardsmatriomony for helping me in my search of a soul mate. We are thankful to them for bringing us into each other's lives. Thanks & Regards, Yasmeen & Faiyaz

Raj and Sonia

Before you read this, it isn't a fairy tale :-). But it’s a short and sweet one. I always believed matches are made in heaven; you are destined to be with the "one”. And you know he/she is the one when you meet them. The same happened with us. When we met, we knew we are the imperfect people perfect for each other. What does is, it increases your odds in finding them! Thank you Team ! Cheers !

Kush and Ref No 1400076573

Expressed interest in my profile and we started chatting. we both exchanged our phone numbers and we both talked for hours and liked each other's company. We planned to meet once before coming to a serious conclusion ; so we fixed up our meeting in the Chandigarh (Elante Mall) which was at almost same distance from both our places. I was happy to meet him and we both had good time together. We then told our parents, my parents were posted in the same city as his a few years back, and finally with god's grace our marriage was fixed up within a month. I am thankful to my Relationship Manager for finding me Kush, and last but not the least the whole team of Defence Wards. We are set to be married by Februrary.

Varuni G and Ref no- 12312950434

We would like to thank Defence Wards Matrimony team for helping us in finding the perfect match for our daughter. this marriage would not have been possible without your sincere efforts and support. We had taken the personalized paid services from Defence Wards Matrimony and we would like to mention that it proved to be life changing for our ward. Defence Wards team had gone extra miles to ensure that we find the right match and had sent us matches as per our requirement. I admire their services and the kind of knowledge and expertise their team members have. I will surely recommend this website to everyone looking for a life partner. Once again thanks for your support and all the efforts put in by them.

Parth and Aastha

I am grateful to your portal Defence Wards Matrimony, for suggesting very appropriate matches for my son. It took us hardly a month and half in finalizing the match after registering on your portal. I found that as compared to many other marriage portals, the patrons registered with you are very well placed and the icing on the cake is complete profiles that one can see. It was a great pleasure to be associated with your I wish you all the best.

Amrita and Amandeep

We would like to thank Defence Wards Matrimony for their immense support and helping us find each other. We have a long story to share but long story short, Defence Wards Matrimony really made things very easy for us, we will forever be thankful for them for connecting us. :)

Ref No :- 6611102108 weds Ref No. 1400501670

Thank you so much Defence Wards Matrimony for helping us find a perfect match for our son in such a short duration of time. It was a wonderful experience associating with you. May you continue to grow, God bless!