10 Things That Only A Fauji’s Wife Can Relate To

There for sure something different and special about being a fauji wife. Not everyone is capable of becoming one. It takes courage and a very brave heart to marry a fauji. It is a very unusual love story, which is mostly a long distance one. It has its own sweet and bitter moments.

The responsibilty that it comes with being an army wife is not something everybody can handle.  But every army wife is proud of her husband and there always a sense of pride that she lives with. She is happy and contented because she knows that her husband is out there protecting the country.

Queen Elizabeth once said, “If you love an Army Officer, raise your glass. And if an Army Officer loves you, then raise your head and walk like a Queen!” Here are a few things only a soldier’s wife will understand and relate to-

You get used to hearing “Ma’am” or Ma’am sahab from every friend of his you have the opportunity and pleasure of meeting.

You keep counting the days till he returns and cancel everything just to be with him.

Your heart jumps to your mouth every time you hear about an attack on forces deployed at the border.


When he hugs you before he leaves, it breaks your heart. But when he hugs you when he comes back, your heart grows 5 sizes.

You are glued to your phone all the time

That one unexpected call every now and then makes your day.

Leave is like the most special occasion. Something more special than birthdays and anniversaries.

“THIS TOO SHALL PASS” has become your life’s mantra.

The stars on his shoulders look more majestic than the stars in the sky.

Even after marrying him for years, you are hardly together!! Sad right?

We hope that all the ladies who are married to a fauji or are in a relationship with fauji could relate to the above points.

No doubt, there is always a sense of pride that you feel when you marry a fauji and that is what makes it so special.



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