What habits of women irritate their husband the most?

Women needs their husband’s time and attention the most. More than anything else they want their man to be available for them. But for majority of men, the case is just the opposite. They love their lady but at the same time, they wish to have their own time and space.

Women are no doubt more cranky compared to men, and they are more demanding as well.

Since men love their women alot, they tend to compromise and adjust. But there are some behaviour of women that irritates men the most.

Unending asking of questions

Especially while watching a movie, most women love to ask a million questions while it is on (‘Who is he?’, ‘What do you think he wants?’, ‘Do you think she will come back?’). Not only this, men find it irritating when they wives keep calling them to ask them what they are doing or where they are or did they have their food. Watching television, playing a sport or just chilling with friends are a few things men enjoy and would rather do it without their wives constant questioning.

Less of Appreciation and more of Criticism

Most wives have a habit to nag about almost everything. Wives would constantly criticise their husbands for all the things that they do wrong, but would hardly be appreciative of their good deeds. This makes men feel that no matter whatever they do, it is never good enough for their wives.

Trying to change them

Some women have a tendency to forcefully bring changes in their men. They fail to understand that for two people to be in a happy marriage, it is not important for them to be alike. Unlike men, they fail to understand that opposites do attract, and their wives should accept them just as they are.

Not consulting them

Most Men like to be consulted before any major decisions are made. It makes them feel important and valued. Mostly, money is the main reason of discussion behind issues. Seeking their advice before making expensive purchases, like buying a washing machine, a dishwasher, etc., will make them feel more involved in the household decisions.

Doubting him

When their husbands look at other women, most wives become paranoid. When they do this, it makes their husbands feel that they don’t trust them. Women need to understand that men are only visual creatures. It is their tendency to appreciate beauty. Looking at other women does not signify that they might go and have an affair.

Doing major purchases without consulting them

While buying the occasional coffee or filling up your gas tank shouldn’t be the beginning of a major fight for most financially stable couples, if you’re making major purchases without your husband, it should come as little surprise when he grows frustrated by being left out of the loop.

Acting like he doesn’t have feelings

The pressure on men to seem tough and strong—especially when it’s reinforced by their partner—can be a serious burden. Generally speaking, men and women aren’t actually that dissimilar emotionally, and the sooner that’s recognized and you can both have a good cry during a re-watch of Moonlight, the better.

Asking about other women’s physical appearance.

Just because your partner gives a passing glance to someone attractive in their line of vision shouldn’t necessarily mean a fight is about to ensue. However, if you keep asking him if he thinks the waitress is prettier than you just because he made eye contact with her while she was taking his order, he’s got some understandable grievances to address.

Getting upset when texts aren’t immediately returned.

Not everyone is glued to their phone 24X7 but expecting that your husband will just because you do can be majorly annoying to him. And when he checks his phone, only to see that you’ve sent 100 additional messages after not hearing back about the initial one, don’t be surprised when he’s more than a little irritated.



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