Amazing Ideas for Indian Summer Weddings!!

Indian weddings are gorgeous celebrations. From beautiful ceremonies to fun-filled entertainment and lovely memories to cherish for life. Celebrated with grandiosity and opulence, Indian weddings are a sight for sore eyes. From the quirky pop of colours to the magnificent decor, the delightful palette of cuisines to a display of stunning lehengas and awe-inspiring bridal outfits, Indian weddings have a lot to offer. With the variety of seasons that we witness through the year, if you are planning a summer wedding, you would not want your festive galore to be drenched in sweat and heatwaves.

Here are some unconventional ideas to make your event cheerful and one that is bursting with style.

Pose in the sun with an ultra-chic lace parasol…nothing can be as gorge!

If your wedding is outdoors, you could opt for a lacy parasol or a regular over sized umbrella with pretty embellishments and talk with your wedding photographer about how to use your parasol as a prop on your wedding day so you can achieve beautiful results like these.

Throw a pool party

Lately, we have arranged many pool parties for our clients and are of the opinion that it is the best way to beat the heat while partying hard with close friends and family!

Cool and colourful drinks

Set up a self-serve stall exclusively for fruity popsicles to give your guests one more way to beat the heat. Adults and children alike will happily help themselves to a popsicle. Also, a photo booth by the stall’s side could guarantee a lot of funny pictures – of guests posing with popsicles – to add to your wedding memories.

Amazing floral decor

What is a wedding without flowers? Incorporate flowers tastefully into your wedding – use them as table centerpieces, replace cloth curtains with flower curtains, and so on.  The ideas are endless. Don’t forget the phoolon ka chader (blanket of flowers) for the bride’s grand entry.

Setting Up of Colourful lanterns

Multi-colored paper lanterns can be delightful wedding decor during the day as well at night, especially if the celebrations continue after sunset. They’ll serve the purpose and yet be easy on your wedding budget.

Have a (Coconut) Water Station

Keep your guests hydrated while giving them A+ social media content with a coconut water station. The tropical beverage will quench their thirst, and the coconuts are so Instagrammable.

Have Watermelon Snacks

Everyone loves watermelon during the summertime! Have your caterer cut small pieces and attach them to sticks for easy eating—and make sure you have plenty of personalized cocktail napkins on hand while you’re at it.

Opt for a Fresh Color Palette

For summer weddings, skip darker tones in favor of lighter, airier shades. We love white and pastel colours with pops of pretty pastels or bold colors, like bright yellow, coral, or blue. Figure out what works best in your space, but avoid heavy tones that make everything feel warmer than it already is.

Embrace Seasonal Blooms

Summer wedding flowers are not only drop-dead gorgeous, but they also might save you a bit of money! It’s much easier for florists to source seasonal blooms than those that are out of season.