Some Exciting Ways To Celebrate Your First Holi After Marriage

We all know that Holi is just around the corner and just like any other big festival- the first Diwali and Karva Chauth after marriage, your first Holi with your partner is going to be a much-anticipated, fun-filled and exciting affair. There is more you can do on the festival of colours than just enjoying on homemade gujiyas and throwing water balloons at each other. If you want to make it both fun and romantic, here’s everything that you can do to make the day as memorable as you want it to be.


1. Host A House Party

As the pandemic is still not over and we are now very much habitual of the new normal, hosting a house party for your closest friends and family sounds just perfect and one of the safest options to celebrate Holi. You can play games, dance, apply colors to each other and at last, enjoy a home-cooked meal together, all in one place. 

2. Cook Sweet Dishes With Your Family

To make the celebration more engaging, couples can spend time cooking together. You may take help from Youtube or ask your mother/grandmother to share their most loved sweet dish recipes for Holi and try your hands on it. It may or may not have the same taste as them, but it will definitely be a memorable time that you two will spend together on your first Holi.

3. Play with Colors

Letting your partner apply color on your face may just be the most romantic part of the day. You both complete each other, by filling each other’s life with the most beautiful colors. In case you are not a big fan of applying colors on each other, ask your partner to just put a little bit of color on your forehead or cheeks. You can also opt for different ways to celebrate Holi with your partner like – Holi with flowers, glitters, water, eco-friendly colors, etcetera. This is a festival of love, and you must celebrate it in whichever way you like it and feel most comfortable in. 

4. Enjoy A Meal Together With Family

Following all the fun and non-stop dancing, a good meal is something that everyone waits for. You can cook or order as per your convenience and serve that on a nicely decorated table so that it makes you feel not less than attending a grand feast. Good food always puts you in a good mood. So, choose the menu wisely and serve heartily.

5. Indulge In An Act Of Kindness          

Holi is the best time to make someone feel special. Not just your friends and family, but also people who are not as privileged as you. Your husband and you can plan a day out at an orphanage or an old age home and celebrate Holi with the kids or the elderly. You can also bring gifts for them. Trust us, there are fewer things in life as great as spreading happiness and counting your blessings.

6. A house party with close friends          

Since playing with all that water will obviously make you little tired, the newly-weds can catch up on some sleep in the Holi afternoon and then in the evening, just have your close friends over at your place, order for some food and drinks. Just relax, rewind, chit-chat, dance, sing and have a gala time.

7. Go to an orphanage or an old age home

You are obviously very fortunate to have a good job, nice family and a well-settled life, but not everyone is so blessed. Thus, spread happiness in other’s lives, and make them feel special. Go spend time at an old age home or an orphanage. Spend this Holi in a different way. See how amazing that will make you feel!