5 keys to fix your unhappy marriage..!

Not all marriages are same, there always is a struggle and problems that will come up after getting married. Some adjust to these well but for some it isn’t easy to take up such challenges on a daily basis. Everyone get married thinking to have a better future, a partner to share all the ups and downs. But life is such that not every marriage turns out to be a happy one. There are several reasons that lead to such problems and situations. Now the questions is whether to find a solution to it or to end it. If you’re going to restore your relationship and relive the hope and happiness it once had, you need to work for it.
We are going to share with you some golden keys that can help you fix your marriage-

Do some personal research on your married life

Often, it’s the accumulation of little things that lead to big disappointments and feelings of defeat. While thinking about your marriage and doing your research try to find out where the actual problem lies and what is lacking in your marriage. Most of the time these problems are the accumulation of very tiny issues that has not been resolved over the time. Try to work on that and we hope that things will get sorted out soon.

Develop healthy communication skills.

So much of what erodes happiness in marriage is rooted in communication. Poor communication. Unspoken communication. Lack of communication.

Chances are, you entered marriage with communication skills carried forward from what you learned in childhood. You saw how your parents communicated and that became your framework, going forward.

Take responsibility for your own doings

Blame can become almost reflexive when you’re with someone for a long time. There’s a convenience to having someone else as a depository for your disappointments and unhappiness. The sooner you step up and take responsibility for your own behaviors, the sooner you’ll notice a shift in your happiness.

Prioritize your marriage.

The point is to start viewing your marriage as your priority, not as a dumping ground for your leftover energy. A big part of fixing an unhappy marriage is prioritizing your spouse and relationship. Avoiding conversations and physical intimacy may feel self-protective at the moment, but they won’t fix your relationship. Start opening up with your partner and try to spend maximum time with them. This will surely help in bringing back the happiness in your married life.


We are human and we all make mistakes. And we should never forget this. Holding onto grudges means holding onto all that’s making you unhappy. And fixing a broken and unhappy marriage is, in large part, a lesson in letting that go. If restoring your marriage to a place of happiness and hope is important to you, then forgiveness — of self and one another — is essential.


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