How to deal with trust issues?

A healthy relationship is always based on trust.

A relationship without trust cannot truly flourish and become healthy because the person who lacks trust spends so much emotional energy on their fears.

The relationship becomes a source of stress and anxiety which are the biggest hindrances for the relationship to prosper.
There may be several reasons why your partner is finding it difficult to trust you, some of the reasons may be- They were cheated on in previous relationship,There may have been a breach of trust in a past relationship, Bad parenting or their parents having bad relationship.
But we need to know one thing that people with trust issues can also have a loving relationships if they are willing to put some extra effort to have that healthy relationship.

Set boundaries of what is and is not acceptable.

Boundaries are an essential part of protecting yourself from the stress that can come from working through these issues.

They serve as a way to curtail the effect of the emotions, expectations, and behaviors that can come from a lack of trust.

It is worthwhile discussing what your boundaries are with respect to their trust issues so that you both know what behavior will and will not be tolerated.

Whilst some situations aren’t always black and white, you should never tolerate abuse to make your partner comfortable.

Set some expectations for present and future efforts.

It is truly said that there cannot be any smoke without fire. Hence if your partner has trust issues it means there is something that needs to be addressed to and they aren’t going to be able to address and fix that reason if they are not ready or willing to work on the problem. That expectation needs to be met with action when it is possible. Your primary expectation of them should be a genuine understanding on their part that this is a problem that needs to be solved. All you can do is try to provide whatever support you feel is fair and appropriate.

Try to become a trustworthy partner for your spouse.

Trust is hard to establish if you can’t be viewed as a trustworthy person.

Demonstrating trustworthiness isn’t as difficult as people think it is. Positive affirmations and support through difficult times can go a long way when trying to demonstrate that you are there and present for their struggle. If you want to be trusted, you need to act in a trustworthy way. Try to become a partner with whom your spouse is willing to share everything with.

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