5 things no one tells you about marriage..!!

Your life experience and your education might have prepared you for a lot of things that you may have to face in life from getting a job to building a career and many life hacks but what no one told you and you never got to learn in your education is the reality behind a marriage. You will never realize what marriage is unless you get into one, and by the time you realize it, it is probably too late. Well, there is nothing to be afraid of because today we have here for you some unknown facts about marriage which an individual should know before tying a knot. Go through them and we are sure they will be of great help to you.

Love is not just a feeling; love is about commitment.

Once you are married, you should be in for the long haul. It may seem such an easy thing at the start of the marriage, but as time goes on you will come across situations that test your patience and commitment. The key is not to give up because if you love your partner; you won’t. This stage needs endurance and you need to pass this so as to have a strong and healthy relationship.


And they lived happily ever after.

No one is that dumb. You know life is not a fairy tale and we need to know and admit that- Somewhere deep in your subconscious lurk romantic visions of Cinderella,the images may be sketchy and a little outdated, but you can still make out the silhouette of the bride and Prince Charming riding off into the sunset.

In real life, sometimes your Disney fairy tale ends up feeling more like the opposite of what has just been mentioned — and you’re the one who keeps falling down and asking for help. Such is life. Let’s face it, marriage is not for the faint of heart. You want to believe your pure love for each other will pull you through. And it does. But it ain’t always pretty.

You will sometimes go to bed mad.

The idea that you and your partner will always work things out before you go to sleep is unrealistic and it is not always easy to resolve conflicts that easily. Sometimes we do actually need to sleep on our issues so that we can properly articulate how we feel the next day … and having that discussion when you’re already super angry won’t result in anything positive.

How hard you may try, you will never get to know your partner completely 

This is especially true in the case of Indian couples in an arranged marriage as they normally do not get the chance to know their partner very well before they get married. It is impossible for one person to get to know every possible thing about another person in a few meetings or short period of time. You are going to keep discovering new things about your partner every other day, for as long as you are together. So, just do not get surprised when something unexpected crops up, try to be calm and deal with the situation in a sensible manner.

Opposites attract may not turn out to be true in real

When you are going through the initial phase of your relationship, you may find yourself attracted to a person because they are different and are the complete opposite of you, but once you get married to the person, the same reason you fell in love with the person for may turn out to be the reason for your marriage turning dull and lifeless. It is because you do not share same interests and hobbies, and you can’t go out alone doing things you love and enjoy. The absence of your partner will still make you feel incomplete and you won’t be able to enjoy fully. Of course, that does not have to be the case if you and your partner learn to compromise and embrace each other for who you are.


But whatever we may say, marriage is a beautiful union of two souls and is a major milestone in one’s life. Though it may have some problems and difficulties associated with it but being married to someone you love and someone who cares for you is a feeling you would not like to miss in this lifetime.