The 7 Common Problems That Can Threaten Even Happy and Healthy Marriages

Since the future of most marriages depends largely on how couples deal with issues as they arise, if you want to protect your own marriage from the possibility of a divorce, it’s helpful to have a heads up on the most common issues that come with the territory known as married life.

Emotional Unfaithful

As unfortunate as it may be, once couples get married, it’s not uncommon for them to become emotionally disconnected from one another. When this happens, it’s likely that at least one spouse’s needs will become unmet, and so they may start looking somewhere else to feel fulfilled.

This is where emotional “infidelity” has the greatest opportunity to slip into the marriage.

Some people feel that emotional infidelity is worse than physical cheating because it’s about more than just physical interaction, it’s about connecting with another person on an intimate level.

In order to prevent infidelity of any kind, couples must be clear on what they both consider cheating to be.

Issues related with money.

When couples bond, it’s common for them to share their finances. While this may not always be the case, even married couples that decide to keep their finances separate still face issues when it comes to money. Discussing finance with your partner can be stressful and tense, especially if the couple has different spending habits or ways of handling money. In these types of difficult situations, it’s common for the conversation to become less about money and anything related to it but more about personal values and habits.

Fading appreciation for each other

When appreciation between married partners start to decline, fights and conflicts tend to shoot up.

Since both men and women crave for appreciation and recognition, when spouses stop acknowledging one another’s efforts or fail to express gratitude for loving gestures, it’s likely their partner will stop doing those once appreciated actions. When this happens, couples tend to become bitter or agitated with one another.

Role of technology

Today’s world that is widely run by technology, it can be tough not to get caught up with the mobile phone or any electronic gadgets. This is why more and more couples are reporting that their spouse’s obsession with technology is interfering with their marriages and is creating a distance between them.

Being Selfish

If one spouse acts selfishly and continues to places their own needs and desires ahead of their spouse’s, then very soon the neglected spouse feels unworthy and unloved.

When couples get married, they’re promising to love one another for better or worse and till death do them part, and such promise doesn’t have any room for being selfish. While this may sound easy enough, it won’t be that easy when you have to actually face it.

Lack of trust and understanding

Love cannot stand without trust, and without trust and understanding, a healthy marriage cannot exist. When a spouse cheats, lies, or breaks a promise, it can really hurt the relationship. Trust when once broken, it is very difficult to fix it. If you want to fix your marital problems then both spouses must be committed to fixing the relationship in order to have any success in moving past the issue.

If the issues are not dealt with, the betrayed spouse will continue to feel hurt, anger, and suspicious and the relationship will turn into a very unhealthy one.

Uncontrolled anger.

While it’s normal for married couples to get angry with each other or have small fights from time to time, it’s important that both spouses act mindfully when these types of situations arise.

Instead of reacting harshly with outbursts rage, couples need to address the issue at hand, try to keep calm, and consider one another’s feelings. It’s also important that couples listen, openly express their opinions, and avoid defensive behaviors.


It is important to keep in mind the following points while planning to get married so that it does not interfere with your happy marriage.

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