6 Ideas to make your lady feel loved

There are various ways to show your girl that you truly love her. Showing love and affection is very crucial to keep the fire of love burning between the couple.

And romance plays a very important part of any relationship, both before and after marriage. A girl who is happy and loved will always give you back the best of everything.

Today we are going to share with you some ideas on how you can show your love to the love of your wife. These are very simple yet effective ways to win her heart.

Show your love and affection in Public– Here we are not asking you to show your intimacy to everyone in public. But a simple gesture of holding hands and arms around her would make her feel not only comfortable but loved. This will just take her breathe away.

Make her feel wanted all the time– Even when she is not in a good mood or not dressed up. Keep reminding her how beautiful she is (at least for you). And no matter what, remind her that she will always be the queen of your heart.

Stay connected– It’s true that everyone is busy with either work or some other things the entire day but make sure you stay connected with her. It might not be possible for you to call her and have long conversations, short and sweet messages every now and then will definitely make her feel loved. This way you both will be in touch always.

Take her to a long drive– All couples need some time alone to talk about things they love, hate and to have deep conversations about anything they feel connected to. Long drives or maybe a walk together would help you both connect with each other in a better manner, and also this is one of the ways to let her know that you are taking out time for her from your busy schedule and she would surely appreciate it.

Cook her a nice meal– Every girl dream of having a husband who is a good cook. You know girls are all the time hungry and hence they want somebody who could cook for them a nice and comforting meal when are craving for it. You don’t need to be a chef to perform this activity, a simple sandwich made with little effort and lots of love would definitely serve the purpose. Try this

Introduce her to your friends and family– If you are actually planning to marry her, introduce her to your closed ones. Your girl will appreciate if you set up a meeting or a simple party to let her meet your friends and family. She would feel not just comfortable but also she will trust you more this way.


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