6 Things to avoid on Matrimonial websites

In today’s world, matrimonial websites have become the fastest growing platform to find a suitable match. Most of the matrimonial websites available on the internet are genuine and trustworthy but there are certain things that you must keep in your mind while registering yourself on such websites.

Avoid looking for someone perfect

Before making your online profile, sit down and list your basic requirements, be they location, caste, career, anything. The websites offer a huge range and, if you’re not clear beforehand, you’ll only end up getting even more confused.

And at the same time do not look for someone who is perfect. We are all human and we all have our flaws.

Avoid looking or asking for free services

Nothing worth having comes easy neither does it comes for free. Marriage is a huge commitment and should not be taken lightly: This is one occasion when you definitely don’t want things to happen easily. Go for trusted websites, and buy a package that best suits your requirements. You can also seek for a customised device if you are short on time and patience. Also, give priority to the prospects with paid profiles if you are looking for serious profiles.

Avoid quickly glancing through the profile and be judgemental

Once you’ve filtered profiles as per your requirements, don’t just quickly glance through it, instead check them properly and give it some time. Check for more pictures that is there in the album. The write up may not be good but that does not mean the person lacks good communication skills, it may be that it was written by someone else on his or her behalf. Go through the profiles very carefully and check each and every detail. Look for any discrepancies within the profiles. If it looks too good to be true, chances are there that it might be something to be suspicious about. But you don’t have to reject the profile right away, just be extra cautious. You can also discuss the matter with the customer care.

Avoid lending money or avoid giving any form of financial assistance to the person you met on matrimonial site.

Once you find a suitable match and you connect with them well, do not blindly trust them and believe in all that they say. They might be fraudulent. To be cautious and extra careful, avoid any form of financial assistance or transactions. Asking for money even before knowing each other well is a very dangerous sign.

 Avoid self praise and self appreciation 

Appropriate information about yourself should set expectations but not mislead those who read it. Don’t overly praise yourself, especially in the write up section. Setting wrong expectations could break your relationship in the later stages. Kindly pay attention to this point very well when you write about yourself.

Don’t hide any truth but at the same time avoid over praising yourself.

Avoid uploading highly filtered or edited pictures

While putting your image on your matrimonial profile, make sure that it is not highly edited. You should look like yourself. Misleading others with your filtered pictures will only turn you into a laughing stock. Be brave enough to show your real face and identity. This will later help you in building a strong relationship.



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