What is so unique and special about military couples?

It won’t be wrong if we say that all marriages need work, and when it comes to military marriages they come with even more work, challenges and struggles. 

And there is a solid reason behind it, there are long periods of separation from family and partners; you get to see them only once or twice a year, there’s not much money also when it comes to younger service members; and perhaps most crucially, continued and long-term fears about the safety of military personnel deployed in disturbed areas.

This kind of marriage is a special kind of marriage due to the following reasons-

Military couples move frequently

This is unsurprising, and normal for military life to get posted to different places after every 2-3 years, sometimes it can put a strain on relationships. This is often tiring and exhausting for the couples to set things up every time they move to a new place. This is what makes it special and challenging at the same time. 

Hope plays an important role

What makes Army love stories special is Army couples tremendous believe in better future, a better world.  This feeling is generated out of hope because he hopes to reunite with his loved ones and his spouse hope the same. The tremendous belief in  hope even during worst of situation have powers to move mountains and it makes military couple truly special.

It sure is based on true love

A soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him. The love for his nation,the love for the people,the love for his family and the love for that special someone who inspires him every moment.  The same goes for the military wife who loves her soldier and also her nation that she do not even hesitate to sacrifice his own identity,career and even personal life.

Patience is the key to have a healthy relationship

Like any relationship, patience if of utmost importance in any military relationship.

Without this the relationship has a very low chance to survive. It needs patience, endurance and strong mental health.


A shoulder always will have to face whatever comes in front of him, it may be something extraordinary or a very difficult situation, he fights against it with all his valour and what really makes the military relationship beautiful is that it is not just the shoulder who fights and shows bravery but also the wife who is taking care of the house , family and children all alone, against all odds. She too is a fighter and shows valour in the absence of her husband. She too is a great warrior and a brave soul.

From the above point we saw how special and unique is the life shared by the military couples. It is not like any common married life. It takes courage and strength to make such relationships work.

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