7 reasons why Modern Relationships fail

Compared to the relationships and marriages back in the traditional times, the modern relationship are finding it really hard to last. Even the research and statistics show that divorce among the couple these days are really common and could be seen almost everywhere.

Divorce is no longer a thing that the married couples are afraid of. They easily get married easily and also get divorced easily without thinking of it as a big deal.
Now the big question is, Why is that? Isn’t it a natural wonder? Why is it important for us to know? Well, it’s important for you to know and understand the common reasons why relationships end so that you can use this knowledge to proactively prevent these reasons from igniting the destruction of your relationship. Here are the most common reasons as to why common relationships come to an end.

Trials and Temptations

It’s so easy to cheat and be unfaithful these days. It’s so easy to engage in third-party relations. But unfortunately, in this age of information, it’s also incredibly easy to get caught being unfaithful as well. It’s so hard to sneak around and lie these days and so cheaters rarely ever get away with their infidelity.

Trust issues are common

People just have a difficult time with trust nowadays. Every relationship is always going to have to be built on a healthy dose of mutual trust and respect. But nowadays, people are more guarded than they are trusting. They would rather protect themselves than open themselves up and be vulnerable in a relationship.

Selfish Generation

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Too many youngsters are just choosing to focus on their education and their careers these days. They are too busy focusing on their own lives and building a secure future for themselves, they don’t really have the time to engage in romantic ventures anymore.

Relationships need to be backed by money

Relationships cost money. And these days in these trying times, money is hard to come by. People would much rather invest their money in themselves than in relationships for the sake of fiscal security.

Lack of commitment

People are just generally not fond of commitment these days. There are just too many distractions and things to consider before a person can really commit to anything even a relationship. They don’t really seem to understand the meaning of commitment.

Too busy to settle down

Modern society values success, hard work, and accomplishment, so people nowadays have become more ruthless and ambitious than ever. Everybody wants to be the best in their field, the top of their class, or the most popular person at school. They want to get into prestigious universities or be promoted to the top of the corporate ladder.  With so many other priorities in your life, it can be hard to make time for a romantic relationship.

Excessive dependence on technology

Last but not the least, being too dependent on technology might be the reasons why most modern relationships don’t last. There is no denying the fact that,while technology may have brought us all closer together, it’s also keeping us apart. With the world wide web at your fingertips, you can be so caught up in your virtual life that you forget to live your real one. Texts, chats, and voice calls have replaced face-to-face quality time with the ones we love, and when your whole life is already chronicled in an Instagram story or a Twitter thread, it can leave us with very little to talk about and discuss.