What should you look for in your marriage partner?

Choosing a good partner can have a major impact on your well-being. You want to look for certain characteristics that will benefit your relationship in the long term.

A person who would make a good life partner should be strong, responsible, and capable of being alone. Of course, you will also need to have these qualities yourself in order to be a good spouse.


Look for a person who remains reasonably calm in stressful situations—someone who is not frustrated by every minor issue. This does not mean they will never get upset, but they have the strength and maturity to manage their emotions.

Emotional regulation and availability are also important.Part of being a good partner involves sharing things about yourself and listening and learning more about your partner. This emotional give-and-take helps foster a deeper, more intimate connection between two people. A good partner is one who is willing to be open and share emotions in a steady, level-headed way. This quality also plays a key role in communication which is essential in any good relationship.A calm attitude allows people to approach conflicts in a way that leads to productive solutions that make relationships stronger and more successful.



A partner who supports your personal and career goals understands that not everything in your marriage will be about them, or even about you as a couple.6 You both will have individual goals, and they will be by your side cheering on your efforts. They won’t feel threatened by the time and energy you put into achieving your goals because they will have their own.
It’s important that your individual goals and your partner’s complement each other. While they certainly don’t need to be the same, they should not be so divergent as to cause a rift between you.


Whether they are standing up to you, a family member, or a friend, you want a partner who will not let people treat them badly. If they accept poor treatment from you or others, eventually you may lose respect for them. A self-confident partner:

  • Is not intimidated by their partner’s success
  • Knows their strengths
  • Keeps working even when faced with obstacles
  • Makes decisions easily
  • Supports and celebrates others
A person who stands up for themselves has self-confidence and will not let anyone bully them, talk down to them, or act as though their opinions don’t matter.


It is crystal clear that love is one of the vital elements needed in any form of a relationship. This applies to marriage too. Analyzing your feelings and being sure about them are the first few things to do before marriage.

Without you loving your spouse or your spouse loving you (for who you are), the marriage is not likely to last, unfortunately.

Before you say “I do,” be sure that you genuinely love your partner, and they love you for who you are.


Trust is one of the most important elements of a happy and successful marriage. Trust is the most crucial determinant of the health and longevity of a marriage.

If couples can do what they say and say what they do, they create an atmosphere of trust and reliability in knowing their words and actions mean something to their significant other.

Patience and forgiveness

We all know that, Nobody is perfect. Arguments, fights, and disagreements can be common among couples and they are very much a part of any relationship.

If you communicate effectively and effortlessly with your partner, you will be able to see things from your partner’s perspective.



One of the important elements of marriage is the intimacy that lays the foundation for any marriage or romantic relationship.

Intimacy is not just physical. Being intimate also has an emotional aspect. So, what to know before marriage? What are the things to learn before marriage to understand your partner better and establish intimacy?

Talk openly with your partner. For things to talk about before marriage, you can discuss your needs and desires as the first step to establishing intimacy.



Respect is one of the fundamental elements of a good marriage. Before you decide to tie the knot, it is important to consider that you and your partner have mutual respect.

Respect is essential for a healthy marriage as it can help you get through the tough times, times of disagreements and help you look at your partner’s perspective in small or big decisions.

There are many more vital points you should be considering while choosing your partner like financial discussions, hobbies, their interests etc.

These conversations are important to be able to build a happy and successful marriage.


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