Truth be told, If you’re married to someone serving in the defence, you will have to deal with distance. It is both fun and challenging to marry someone from the defence. Training schedules can be tiring, access to any form of technology or communication means could be limited, and postings/relocation always seems to be just around the corner. But there is no denying the fact that distance can lay the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship. Here are 7 tips to make the most of your long-distance DEFENCE relationship: 

Things will get better with time

If you’re experiencing some tension a few months in, know that the rough time isn’t likely to last because a recent study revealed that the first four months mark the most difficult time during a long-distance relationship; but after eight-nine months, it gets easier.

Try writing letters

With the advanced technology, you sure can call and text each other easily, but have you ever tried writing letters? Nothing beats the classical way of writing love letters. A letter can be treasured – a piece of paper you can physically hold in your hand. It’s something you’ll be able to show your grandchildren one day. It’s hard to say the same for texts, Isn’t it?

Avoid having too much of expectations from your partner

Understand that your partner is only human, and there’s beauty in imperfection. Having too much expectations from your partner and idealizing them will only put your relationship in risk.

Try to understand the challenges faced by your military partner

Defence relationships aren’t like civilian relationships; the defence sometimes creates unique obstacles that you will have to overcome. Sometimes they might will have to leave before their schedule leave period due to emergency, also they might sometimes will not inform you about the mission they are engaged in. Understand the fact that they are working for the security of the nation and hence they need to live a life a bit different from that of a common man.

Make all the Homecomings and Visits Special 

Make sure that you make all the homecomings of your spouse special and worth remembering. Decorate the house, buy new clothes, cook special dishes,plan various activities that you can do together or whatever you can do to make your spouse feel loved and special. This will surely help your relationship grow stronger and will always make him crave to come home.

Keep yourself busy

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to dealing with a long distance relationship. When you are busy you lost track of the time and you don’t feel sad or lonely. It is usually when you don’t equip yourself with work that you feel lonely and sad. Help yourself by doing things that you find exciting. Engage yourself in things that will help you become productive. You can join a gym, start taking tuition, do part time job, gardening. It could be anything. Being busy will surely help you feel better.

Let Love alone be the foundation of your marriage/relationship

When a relationship is based on anything other than love, there is a chance for it to collapse easily. It is not easy but having love as the cornerstone of your relationship, you’ll be able to withstand the storms. This means having patience when things get tough. It means having an understanding when homecomings get canceled or dates change. With love nothing is impossible. You can face and overcome any kind of obstacle.


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