Why quality time matters in your marriage and how to get more of it?

Quality time means the time that you spend with someone, giving them your full attention because you value the relationship. If you want a lasting and happy relationship, it’s time to try spending quality time together regularly.

Quality time can strengthen your relationship in several ways:

  • Communication– It gives you distraction-free time to talk, and helps you stay connected with your partner and what’s going on in your lives.
  • Novelty– If you engage in fun and unusual activities, you’re more likely to buck the trend of taking each other for granted. You will feel more attached to each other.
  • Commitment– It can bring about a greater sense of togetherness. By prioritizing time together, you’re signalling to others the importance of your relationship.
  • De-stress– Stress is one of the biggest threats to a strong relationship. Making sure you have time together helps you relax and have fun.

Here are some ways to make sure that you are spending enough quality time with your partner:

Weekend getaway
While it’s a relationship goal to travel the world together, you can start with taking on a vacation in a nearby village or town. Go to the beach. Forget about technology for now, and focus on appreciating the sun, the greenness, and your spouse by your side.

Try watching a movie
A movie date with your partner never gets old. You can either go out on your usual weekend movie date night, or you can just watch a movie at home.  Netflix, a homemade popcorn, plus the two of you lying in bed, watching your favorite movie or series is just perfect.

Play games together
Whether you want to play a video game or any other game together is depending on you and your partner’s interests. The goal here is to develop a strong bond with your partner. Playing a game together will help you develop teamwork and healthy competition.

Cook together
It feels fulfilling when you’ve come up with a perfect dish out of your teamwork. Aside from a full stomach, you get to spend quality time with each other.

Try new things together

To keep the spark of the relationship alive, try new things together. Go on a hike. Try to learn a new language. Enroll in a business class together. Find a new hobby. Make sure that you try to do something new with your partner to keep the fire of the relationship burning.

Adopt a pet

 You get to have responsibilities as the guardians of your pet. It’s like having a family. You both take care of your “baby”, and while you are enjoying taking care of this pet, you get to maintain a strong bond with your partner. 


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