Advice To The Newlywed Wives …

Here is some advice that we would like to give to the newly wives, who have just entered into a new phase of life. With everything new surrounding her, we feel that there are some things she must know-

You have joined a new team now

When you get married, you and your spouse are now a new team, separated from the previous allegiances you had. You and your husband are now partners to the utmost degree, so honour him by speaking positively of him (even on the days it’s tempting to do otherwise!), consulting him before committing to any significant plans, and considering his needs in each decision you make.

Before anyone accuses us of being sexist, let us make this clear that we would give a newlywed man the same advice.

You can’t be totally dependent on partner all the time

Yes, your spouse is a partner and someone to share burdens with. But your spouse is not a crutch. Continue to practice healthy self-care. This may look like periodic check-ins with a counsellor or trusted mentor. Maintain friendships with girlfriends and still make time for those life-giving hobbies you loved before you walked down the aisle.

Instead of dumping everything on your husband and expecting him to fix it, try finding out other ways to deal with your problems!

Prepare yourself for change..

Merging together as a new family will require compromises. Getting married means you have the opportunity to actively decide how you want your new family to operate. As exciting as this is, it can lead to a lot of tension if you aren’t open-minded.

Holiday traditions, budgets, and even seemingly mundane decisions like which direction to load the toilet paper all require flexibility. Prepare yourself to adapt to changes. In big things and small, don’t assume that however you’ve been operating is the best, only, or right way. Approach your new lives together with a teachable spirit.

Let God lead..

Marriage isn’t really about you or your happiness. Happiness is a byproduct that comes when you do marriage God’s way, seeking to serve Him and your spouse before looking to have your own needs filled.

Stay grounded. Continue to make time for your spiritual growth. Pray together and have faith. The peace that worldly things cannot provide comes from God alone.

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