Superstitions Around Indian Customs

Indian wedding is not just about bonding between the partners but also between two families. It is more about two families coming together. The rituals and the functions which happen are stretched for almost a week but they are fun-filled and enjoyed by all. Among all these rituals having so much mythological significance’s, there are certain happenings which have been a part of superstition since ages. These superstitions and beliefs are interesting, based on religion or just plain quirky!

Bringing to you some such superstitious believes-

Darker the Mehendi, the luckier the bride will be

It is generally believed that the colour of the Heena put on the bride’s hand and legs decide the love she will receive from her husband. The darker the mehendi the more loving her spouse and in-laws will be towards her.

Spilling of Milk


It’s important to observe the boiling milk in the house where a wedding is happening. It is believed that during the time of the wedding, family members must be careful while boiling milk. It is said that spilling of milk before or after the big day signals some misfortune.

Rain on the wedding day

Certain cultures consider rain to be auspicious. Some believe that it alludes to fertility and a good omen of many children, just the way rain helps a farmer by yielding him a bountiful crop! On a similar note, snow on your wedding day is also believed to be a sign of wealth and fertility.

Lending your wedding dress

Some of us might think of lending our wedding dress to others who cannot afford to buy a new one but Hindu culture says a big NO for it. It is believed that lending your wedding dress brings prosperity for the borrower but a bad omen for you.

Throwing rice at the bride and groom


Rice is considered very auspicious in all the rituals performed in Hinduism. In marriages, many must have seen people throwing rice grains at the bride and groom. It is believed that rice grains are a symbol of abundance and fertility. Some cultures also believe it will also protect the couple from evil spirits! Strange rice could do so much.

Creating/Designing your own wedding dress

You might be a fashion designer and wish to create/design your own wedding dress but for some culture and religion making your own wedding outfit is thought to be unlucky for the to-be-bride.

Falling off the kaleere

It is said and believed that if kaleerein falls on someone’s head, then that person will be next in the line to get married.

The person who finds the ring will be dominating

This one is interesting! You must have for sure seen this game happening between a bride and groom in movies. Well, this is fun! The bride or the groom whoever finds the ring first from the bowl of milk and flowers will be the one who will dominate.

Entering your husband’s house by kicking a Kalash

This act is considered auspicious and termed as Lakshmi entering the house. The bride is considered to be unlucky if she enters the new house with her left foot first.

The arrival of a full moon


If there is a full moon one or two days before your wedding day, then your married life is said to be very lucky and full of happiness.

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