Annoying things married couples post on social media

It is true that life completely changes after marriage and there are certain things that you start to do which was never done before and at the same time, with so much of social media’s influence on us, we start to do and act on social media platforms in a way that might disturb others or which may turn annoying. Following are some kind of annoying behaviour by the married couples.

Re-posting wedding photos on every year on the anniversary

When you’re newly-married, sharing wedding photos is okay and acceptable. It’s your happy day and you wish to share that with your near and dear ones, all of your friends are still excited for you. Fine. But what is annoying is- Every. Single. Year. you post your wedding photos again and again. Not everyone is fascinated and excited to see you in the same wedding dress every year.

Flooding Their Profile With Intimate Photos

Married couples need to understand that NO PDA applies for social media as well. It’s good that you are spending quality time with each other and getting intimate on your honeymoon or other getaways. But it gets annoying when you flood your social media profiles with your intimate pictures. These intimate moments need to be cherished and locked in the hearts forever and not be displayed on social media platforms.Enjoy your moments and keep it private.

Posting your spouse’s pictures all the time

When you’re married and always together, it’s natural and very obvious to snap pictures of your partner. But, like all things in life, there is a limit. Always showcasing your partner on social media and statuses will only annoy your friends and followers. And if possible avoid the throwback pictures also.

Fighting and then making up through status and posts

No one is interested to see your passive-aggressive digs about how “somebody” never appreciates you and how you deal with your personal problems.

Posting lovey-dovey messages and posts on each other’s timeline

This is the most annoying thing a newly married couple is often seen doing. Even if they are sitting in the same room, they have to express all their heartfelt feelings on a social media. They are married, they stay together and have ample time to talk and discuss things but all they want to do is to posts things on each other’s wall.

New couple display picture almost everyday 

You two may look super good together and may be you cannot resist taking a selfie with your partner every day. But posting these pictures as your social media profile picture every day would do nothing but annoy your online friends. It is good to know that you love your spouse and that you are happy together. But this does not mean you will keep on displaying each other’s picture. Keep things private and it will last longer.

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