Why are mothers so important?

The word ‘’Mother’’ resonates with unconditional love and care. The word mom or mother itself has a soothing power. The connection of children with mothers seem to be eternal as this bond starts way before the child is born. She carries the child in her womb and since then there is a special bond between the mother and the child. The love so pure, so selfless will exist only in mothers. They can do just anything for their children. Words won’t be enough to express and explain mother’s love. Yet we have jotted down few points to show the importance of mothers-


She is the first teacher for any child-

Whatever a child learns in his or her initial life is primarily and majorly from his/her mother. She teaches her child whatever she knows in the most affectionate and loving way.

Mothers never give up on their child-

A mother acts as a constant emotional support for the child. Come what may, she never stops believing in her child and is the greatest source of inspiration.

Mother knows their child like no other-

After having carried the child for 9 months and being always there for the child till he goes to college. The is a special bond created which makes the mother know the child inside out. She has the ability to connect really well with the child.

She makes the maximum sacrifices-

From saying she doesn’t like certain food just so that the child can eat plenty to having woken up the whole night taking care of the child when in sickness. There is no one else who could make so many sacrifices.

Mothers are forgiving-

Mothers can never be angry for too long. They are the most forgiving creature. So forgive her in return. Perhaps nothing will be as valuable a gift to both of you as forgiveness. Open your heart and drop your resentments. Now that’s love.

Her boundaries made you a better person-

You may not have liked some of her decisions, especially when you wanted to party with your friends, but she did keep you out of trouble. Look at some of your friends without a mom who has cared that much.

Mom taught you to be a functioning adult-

That was her job, and without that, making it through the modern world would be very hard. Your mom may have forced you to do your homework, but now you see how important it was.

Love and adore your mom, if you still have her. There are many people who do not have their mom anymore.Also there are people who have never tasted and experienced the true love of mother. Tell your mom how much you love her and help her do the things that she loves and enjoy. Its time to pay back.


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