Differences in defence and civilian lifestyle

Life in Defence or Military means a life of greater commitment and sacrifice in terms of separation from family and frequent moves. It often offers more adventure and outdoor life. One gets to travel to remote parts of the country – even abroad – where it may not be possible for a civilian to go. It is also a life where certain facilities of city life may not be available.
If you are from a civilian background and are planning to tie knots with a defence personal, adjusting between two different lives can be difficult, but with the right approaches and understandings, the transition can be an easy and enjoyable process. Read below to learn more about the differences between military life vs civilian life and tips on how to balance the two-

Self Care

In the military, caring about yourself is not as much of a priority as it is in civilian life. Your focus will be more on your crew and the tasks at hand. Sure, you will keep your body in great shape, but you never “splurge”on treating yourself.


Unlike Civilians, life is military is very different when it comes to relationships. You don’t get to see or meet your loved ones for a very long period of time. You have to stay and adjust where you are posted, travelling to other places is like an adventure.


Civilian life typically means you are going to be moving less than when you are in the military. Finding the right permanent type of housing for you and your family makes a huge impact on your lives – from school zones to job opportunities. This process can be intimidating after living on base or in military housing where decisions were more easily made based on assignments and the military provided financial assistance.


Communicating in military life vs civilian life is extremely different. What may be a natural communication style for you may be frustrating to a civilian, and vice versa. Communicating with your loved ones may become luxurious when you are posted in some remote area. Military life is all about sacrifices and struggles.


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