Importance of Discipline in Defence and what you get to learn from them.

Discipline is the method of leading the troops and carrying out successful operations. It distinguishes an army from a warband and soldiers from warriors. Discipline and drill are, however, two different things. Drill is merely a method of instilling formal discipline on troops and make them function in unison.

Discipline in general means the mode of life in accordance with rules but does not mean the negation of personal liberty.
Discipline in our lives has considerably declined and there is an urgent need to improve it. 
The importance of discipline in the social,political and domestic life should be understood by the people. Parents must raise their children in a congenial atmosphere and teach them the right values. It is essential for personal growth as well as for the surrounding around us.
The very essence of Military life lies in Discipline. Military discipline imposes upon the officers and other ranks a certain code of conduct.
Not only in the military, the importance of discipline in the social and political life of a nation is also significant. The elements of apathy and submissiveness have been the causes ofthe backwardness of our country.

We have made much progress in the field of science and technology, but still, as a people, we have not been able to shake off our backwardness when it comes to discipline. Government officials shirk their duty, they are very lenient towards their responsibilities, spend their office hours in the canteen and pay no attention either to the long queues of people waiting outside their counters or the rising pile of unattended urgent files. Thus, the work accumulates. Both the public and government suffer because of their negligence. It is only when they will impose self-discipline and perform their duty with the dedication that things will improve and we will strive towards development.

Here are a few life lessons every Indian can learn from the Armed Forces. 

The value of discipline in daily life. 

The armed forces place a really high value on discipline and the importance of routine. Planning things out and doing them at the same time everyday not only helps them stay on schedule, it actually makes them more efficient at what they do.

That practicing “Unity In Diversity” isn’t a big deal at all. 

Bravery has no religion, caste or colour. The Indian Armed Forces are shining examples of equal opportunity and brotherhood. In fact, among the ranks of the legendary soldiers who received a Param Vir Chakra, we proudly count Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and even Parsis.

How to be selfless. 

The Indian Army is an organization that teaches its members, “The safety, honor, and welfare of your country comes first, always and every time. The honor, comfort and safety of the man you command comes next. Your own ease, comfort & safety comes last, always and every time.”

To understand what patriotism actually means. 

There is a difference between being patriotic and being jingoistic. Many people think that being patriotic simply means hating Pakistan or China. But the people who serve in the forces didn’t join because of hate. They joined because of love; love for their own country.

That sacrifice isn’t just some fancy word. 

Members of the Armed Forces spend months and years away from their family, perform their duties while others celebrate during festivals and even lay down their lives for a billion people they don’t even know. Such is the depth of their sacrifice.

To maintain your own integrity and expect the same from others. 

While there are notable exceptions, the Indian Armed Forces largely remain an honest, apolitical force which demands a high standard of integrity from its members.

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