Does a perfect relationship really exist?

Our ideal partner differs from one another. Both the man and the woman usually are in search of Mr. Perfect and Ms. Perfect.

A girl looks for a boy who is handsome, caring, understanding, well- settled, loyal, honest and romantic.

Whereas for a boy, the girl should be loving, homely, family oriented, earning, sweet, delicate and obedient. But do you think you will be able to find all these qualities in one person? Very difficult right?

The greatest irony of a human being is that we search for perfection in all relationships when we ourselves are imperfect beings. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. A perfect relationship is one where “You live and let live, understanding is deep, and you respect the other person’s individuality.”

But how to make your relationship healthy and strong? Let us try and find out- 

Understanding– When two individuals from different upbringing and backgrounds decide to come together, friction conflict has to happen. Appreciate differences. Believe in the policy of agreeing to disagree. And that it is always a good decision to respect other person’s opinion.

Respect each other– It is important to respect each other as an individual and allow them some personal space. Refrain to compare your partner with anyone. Two people in a healthy relationship admire each other as individuals, which allows them to treat each other with respect. When you have respect for someone, it is easier to be kind, considerate and patient.

To have a sense of  togetherness and working for a common goal- Happy and Peaceful Life. Be together not only in happy times but also in difficult times. It’s the tough times that bring people closer together and make the relationship stronger than ever. If you are there for your partner in your tough time, you are being the best and most desirable partner.

Keep pace with the dynamic relationship – It is not static. You constantly need to keep working in a relationship to make it everything you want it to be and to make it last. It sometimes starts with physical and ends in spiritual.

Honesty–  The couple are being honest with their partner about what they need out of the relationship and how they choose to live their lives, where do they go, how did they spend the day, etc. They may not share everything and at the same time don’t keep secrets.

Work on the shared Love- People in a perfect relationship takes the time to do things that nurture their love, such as giving compliments, sharing life lessons, laughing with each other, cuddling, holding hands, being kind, and romancing each other wherever possible. 

Remain Attracted to each other- A perfect relationship contains two people who are attracted to each other and keep that attraction alive through various means. They believe in keeping the fire burning.

Supportive of each other- The one person who is there to support you through life, besides yourself, is your partner. They should be on your team and encourage you to become the person you want to be. There will be sacrifices made to help their partner achieve something

Don’t Have Secrets- They are honest with each other about who they are and what they’ve done through the day, and so there are never any inconsistencies in their stories to cause suspicion or mistrust. That’s the beauty of sharing your life with someone else

Make Each Other Better- A perfect relationship contains two people who take the time to make each other feel better. They do not criticise but appreciate the efforts and lift each other up. In sickness, they work to make the other person as comfortable as possible and even take on their chores or other daily duties. In times of struggle, they help their partner out in any way they can. And, when their partner needs to talk or a shoulder to cry on, they are there.

They make sure to Admit it When They Are Wrong- Both don’t take time to accept their mistakes and to pardon them. Not having the strength to admit your mistakes can spoil your relationship. 

If the above mentioned points are followed then we may be able to make our relationship great, perfection is still far but making it great also takes a lot of hard work.

So both the boys and girls should stop to focus on finding a perfect relationship rather work on making it at-least a great one.

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