Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

Everyone, be it a man or woman, wish to have a relationship that is based on their liking. Everyone wish to have that perfect partner, who meets all the criteria set up by them.

Our expectations are all based on the movies, dramas and series that we get to watch on the television and internet. We start to think that such relationships exist in real and you want to have it.

But the harsh reality is, such relationships doesn’t exist. Yes, they are all fictional and doesn’t exist in reality.

In order to have a happy and healthy relationship, you must avoid the following expectations as they can be harmful for your relationship-

  1. You will always be the centre of attraction for them- Just because they are in a relationship with you, doesn’t mean that they will not look at other people. We are only human, and we will be noticing other people along the way. That doesn’t mean that your partner is being unfaithful to you. It just simply means that they enjoy looking at different people too. Getting upset over this is only going to affect your relationship with them, since this show that you don’t trust them enough and that you don’t have faith in them. Remember that you can’t make someone stay if they intend to leave, but you can definitely do your part to be the best partner for them.
  2. They will always be in a romantic mood- We are humans, this is life and it has its own ups and downs, so please wake and realise that your partner will not be romantic all the time. They have so many things to handle and take care of, apart from making you happy. Unless you aim to date a person who are not genuine, there are limits to what a person can do to constantly please you. Expecting your partner to be romantic all the time is going to wear them off eventually, as they will get tired of always having to do certain things in order to make you happy. Learning to appreciate these little gestures will help you see the true beauty of your relationship and help you appreciate having them in your life.
  3. They will always be your support system- As a human, we all have our own ideas and opinions. There will be times when your partner does not support your actions and decisions. You might get upset over it, but this will happen in every relationship. If you expect them to support your actions and decisions, even if what you do are against their values and principles, you will only create problems, because they will slowly feel like they will always have to go against their own values when they are with you. Let’s say if you don’t like Mutton, Imagine if your partner, insist that you eat the mutton curry, claiming that you will definitely like it, even though you dislike it since your childhood. How will you feel? Not at all nice right? We are all entitled to our actions and decisions, as long as they don’t affect others.
  4. There is no room for arguments and Judgements- Sorry Sweetheart, but these are actually a part of every relationship, they will be there and you will have to learn to deal with them. The reason is simple, you are two different people with different ideas and opinions. The only relationship that has no argument or disagreement, is one where both partners don’t matter to the other. Expecting your partner to never argue or disagree with you, is almost like wanting them to be a slave who obeys to everything you say or do. Does that sound like a decent relationship to you? Argument or disagreement does not break the relationship, in fact, it would strengthen the relationship if you embrace the differences, because it helps you and your partner understand each other more. The more you understand each other, the stronger your relationship will get.
  5. They will always understand your feelings- Understanding each other is different and understanding all your feelings at all times is entirely a different thing. To expect them to always know what you are thinking, is unrealistic and often ended up in unhappiness. It’s very important to express yourself clearly, and let your partner know how you feel about something, if it’s important to you. Understand that your partner is not the same person as you, and they will not always automatically understand how you feel without you telling them. The key to a happy, healthy relationship is to have a good communication.
  6. Everyone will like and adore your partner- Everyone has their free will to like or dislike someone, so to expect everyone you know to adore who you love is just not possible. It is very natural and okay to not like someone, like you also don’t like certain people. We all have different opinion on how a person should be. That’s why we don’t always have the same reaction towards the same person. Expecting everyone in your life to adore them will give your partner an unspoken pressure to act a certain way, in order to be liked, to make you happy. That is definitely not a good way to develop a good relationship. Be ready to accept the others’ preferences, while work on enhancing some of your partner’s good qualities for them to do better in the society.
  7. Everything will be nice and free from troubles- It is not only unrealistic to expect things to always go smoothly, but is also one of the remedy to break your relationship, because you will not be prepared and willing to walk in the storm with your partner. This will create resentment on both sides in the relationship since you will not be prepared to walk the hard path with them, and they will not get any effort from you when challenges occur. Know that no relationship is easy. Every relationship requires a lot of work, and can sometimes make you feel miserable.
  8. Thinking that they will always make you happy- Happiness should not be dependent on your partner. It should be you who should create your own happiness and joy. When your happiness start to depend on someone or something, the chances of depression and stress to creep in is very high. Do what you love, keep your passion alive, find and create your own happiness.



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