Funny Things that happen only in Indian Weddings

We are sure everyone of us has had the pleasure of attending an Indian wedding. It is fun filled and really enjoyable.

There is always a group of aunties who think that, it is their profession to find out what is wrong with the wedding. They will have a comment for each and every food item, every guest, the Bride, the groom, or the attire.

Here are the quintessential things which make a wedding an Indian wedding with a hilarious tadka-

For kids, it’s the happiest moment of their life as their parents let them do whatever they want. After all, whose got time to check on them.

There’s is lots of food. One of the thing that makes Indian weddings great and this is what attracts the guests the most.

It’s the rare occasion when Indian aunties forget about everything and dance like nobody is watching.

You can see a lot of money here and there. It’s raining shanguns!

Sister-in-laws hide the groom’s shoes and get money in return.

 “The Baraati Dance!” The real show stealer.

DJ floor is a must.

Uncles and aunties are always hunting for suitable grooms or brides for their single kids.

A lot of crying- rona-dhona from bride’s family