Major reasons for late marriages in India

Recently we saw that there has been a drastic change in the marriage pattern in India. Especially among the girls. If you see the marriage data of girls two decades back, you would find that majority of the girls got married at the age of 18-25. But in the present scenario, the picture is different. Girls mostly prefer to get married after the age of 26. Even boys are not in a hurry to get married these days.

There are many reasons behind this. In this blog, we are going to discuss the main reasons causing late marriages in India-

  1. Education:- The main reason is the girls willingness to complete their education. Education has not only brought about a change of an immense magnitude in the outlooks of girls but in the mindset of the society as well.
  2. Self dependency:- Education has helped an individual gain more confidence in the society. Their confidence has got boosted up enormously stoking the fire in them to be self dependent and bring about changes in the society.
  3. Financial independence:- Girls these days feel that it is more important to focus on their career than on the other factors like marriage. Several girls are supporting their family financially. Having economic independence help the girls to overlook marriage.
  4. Mismatch marriages: Girls think it’s better to be late in marriage to find a suitable match with whom to live a quality life than marrying someone you do not know in a hurry. This is often the result of seeing many failed marriages around them.
  5. Unhealthy relationships: Today’s generation do not believe in, Chatt Mangani, Patt Vivah. The ever increasing rate of divorces too has compelled them to give a second thought to this matter.
  6. Nuclear family: In smaller families, where daughters are the only child, they know their responsibilities towards their parents, instead they search for a life partner who could understand them well and their responsibilities towards their parents.
  7. Fear of commitment:- Young generation is afraid of commitment and run away from any kind of binding and attachments. They have a mindset of their own, their liking of their own, hence do not wish to hurry up the matter of marriage till they find the perfect one.
  8. Normal child birth in older ages: Earlier it was said that the girls should conceive at an early age so that the child born is healthy. Abnormal child births were considered to be a high possibility in case of older girls. Therefore marriage on the right time was considered to be sacrosanct. This problem has disappeared after the progress made into the field of the medical science.
  9. Western effects:- We now live in an advanced technology age. Internet has taken a complete control over our lives. Of late, we have started on exchanging cultures as well. Marriage is now not associated with age. Marriages are still considered important but it is not age constraint.

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