How to understand your husband better?

Just like every woman is different, every man is different too.

We generally think that men are all the same but this is not true. Men often have expectations from their partners which they may not show or speak out directly. Also, just because a woman sometimes feels that her man is not listening to her or is not attentive towards her needs, it may not be true, it’s just that he is not that good in remembering everything that is being told to him. Being a man, he is expected to be a bit different from you and such differences are what brings you both together.

Today we are going to discuss about the ways in which you can know and understand your husband better-

Remember he is a man, not a woman

Women want their husbands to sit with them and get involve in long chats and talk about everything excessively but the truth is, some men get annoyed by long and gossipy chats. They like things to be brief and concise.

Eventually, when their husband resists, the woman thinks that her husband does not care at all. Well, they do care, but they do not show it explicitly. Men are generally concerned about facts, and women focus more on feelings. What you really need to do is to understand his approach to life.

Do not think that he is uninterested and that he is insensitive. It is just that he is not a mind reader.

Men’s Priorities change with age

Men value different things at different levels of life.

A man prefers earning and achieving career goals when he is the main breadwinner in the family. As soon as he realizes that he is the key provider of the family, he thinks about ways to earn sufficient amount of money.

In his 60’s he will lay emphasis more on enjoying life.

To know how to understand your husband love your husband and give your best to your married life in old age because that’s when you become more sensitive and emotional.

Men often struggle to talk about their feelings.

Men are usually taught not to talk about their emotions, so bonding through words can be tough for them. Instead, they might like to have conversations with a clear-cut purpose or problem to solve.

For example, if you’re having a conversation about your relationship, your partner might have trouble expressing what you mean to him. This can be hard to hear, but it’s probably because he’s not used to talking about his feelings but deep inside he loves you a lot. 

Your partner may express his feelings in other ways, though. If he brings you flowers or cooks you your favorite dinner, he might be trying to express his love for you without saying it directly. Just learn and try to understand the signals and signs.

Many men have trouble asking for help.

You may have to offer to help before they ask. This includes doing chores, looking for lost items, or even scheduling doctor appointments. If you notice that he’s struggling, try offering assistance if you can.

Try saying something like, “Hey, do you need help looking for your keys? I think I saw them on the table yesterday.” Or, “Did you get a chance to call your doctor? I can find the phone number for you if you need it.”

Husbands show their love through actions rather than words

Men aren’t as direct in expressing their love as women, and they aren’t mind readers. They want to know what women like and then give it to them. The more directly you tell him what you crave the more likely you are to get it. And when he does show you a bit of what you’re looking for, such as bringing you flowers, making a big deal out of it will help pave the way for repeat behavior in the future. Sure, woman appreciate romantic gestures, but being there when you need him — whether that’s when your car breaks down or your aunt passes away — sometimes says more than blatant declarations of love. After all, a sweet-talking romantic is great, but a husband who doesn’t bail in an emergency is even better.

Husbands need some alone time

Unlike girl-time, guy-time doesn’t involve a lot of gabbing. Instead, it’s about doing activities together. If his hoop-shooting or guitar-playing marathon sessions really bug you, try the “best friend test”: If your friend was behaving the same way, would you get mad? You’d probably accept his or her habit as part of her personality and even admire the fact that she gets excited about something. Look at your husband’s pastime as an opportunity to do something you enjoy rather than taking it personally.

Husbands have selective hearing

Studies show men and women tend to have very different interests when it comes to conversations. Women love to talk about people and relationships, while men are more apt to talk about things. So if you’re chatting with your honey after a party, try not to get upset if he’s oblivious that the hostess was bickering with her husband. It’s simply not where his focus was. Save the gossip for those who will appreciate it.