Significance of wearing Bangles in Indian culture

A bangle is one of the most important ornaments that an Indian woman wears. For married women, bangles hold a special significance as they are a sign of their suhaag.



History of Bangles in India

There is strong evidence which shows that women have been adorning their arms with bangles since ancient times in India. One of the oldest art objects in India, the bronze figurine of a dancing girl excavated at Mohanjodaro epitomizes the antiquity and the universality of wrist ornaments in India. The figurine stands in the nude with one arm at her hip, the other arm completely weighed down with a collection of bangles. Even the Yakshinis are depicted wearing bangles. Banabhatt’s Kadambari has a reference to Goddess Saraswati – Goddess of Learning, shown as wearing kangans. Ancient fragments testify that bangles were made from terracotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, gold, silver, lac, glass and almost any material that lent itself to craftsmanship. From simple plain circlets of metal, to ones decorated with etched and exquisite designs of bird and animal-head terminals and studded with gems, bangles in various forms existed in ancient in India.

The identity of every Indian bride

Bangles are traditionally a part of the solah shringar of Indian brides. It is mandatory for newly wed brides and would-be-brides to wear bangles made of glass, gold or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband. They signify good fortune and prosperity. Traditionally breaking of the bridal glass or lac bangles is considered inauspicious. People in different states of the country call them by different names. But, they have equal importance in Indian wedding tradition, notwithstanding the geographical boundaries.

Here’s a look at what the various bangle colors mean:

  • RED………………Energy
  • Blue………………Tranquility/Wisdom
  • Purple……………Independence
  • Green…………….Luck/Married
  • Yellow……………Happiness
  • Orange…………..Success
  • White…………….New Beginnings
  • Black……………..Power
  • Silver…………….Strength
  • GOLD…………….Fortune


Scientific reason behind wearing bangles

In the Vedic texts, we can find the relevance of wearing bangles illustrated. It is about the sound waves created from the bangles and their ability to vitalize the motor organs.

1. Glass bangles can increase Sattvik components based on the sound waves emitted from them.
2. One can improve their Kriya Shakti or the energy of action by wearing bangles. We can find Kriya Shakti around our bodies, and it is a way of evading negative energies.
3. Bangles help in improving
Shakti Tattva, which is the Divine Energy principle. It aids in purifying a woman’s body with the assistance of the sound waves.
4. The movement of bangles on our wrists can increase the
Raja component. It also helps in enhancing our Adishakti Tattva or the Primal Energy Principle.

These are some of the benefits of wearing bangles that we can find in the Vedic scriptures. It focuses on the sound waves created when the bangles move in our wrist.

Nowadays, most women don’t wear bangles. Even if they do, it is a fashion statement or just for style. One of the main reason is that we consider wearing them as a traditional style or an outdated fashion, not many are aware of the benefits of wearing bangles.
They can aid in improving our well-being. However, when women wear bangles made from plastic, it won’t give them any positive benefits. The glass bangles are the most beneficial ones.