Impact of Social media on Millennial’s relationships

Anything new that happens in your life, you have that urge and excitement to show it to the whole world, or let’s say your friends and followers. Especially when you get into a new relationship these days, the first instinct is to show it to your followers and let them know about your love and relationship status. All these activities are quite normal and mainstream in today’s world. But it is sad to know that it is having a negative impact on the millennials.

As per a recent research-

  • Almost one-third of those surveyed stated they often exaggerate their statuses and posts on social media, including their relationships
  • 68% state they have used their social networks to check up on ex-partners
  • 75% state they believe that social media can ruin or at least harm relationships.

Social media has impacted our life so much that we show more than what we actually are. We want to appear as if we own everything and that we are the most happy and satisfied person. Our relationship is perfect and that we are setting relationship or couple goals for others but most of these things are not true in real life.

Earlier it has been proven that social media websites – tend to erode user’s self esteem through unfavorable social comparison. They start to have inferiority complex seeing other people’s success and happiness in life.

But the truth all the millennials should remember is that:- every person is unique and that every relationship is unique, different and special. And we should be aware of the fact that whatever shown to us in social media is not always the truth. These are just pictures and short videos they are uploading and you never know what is happening there in reality. Millennials who take these “perfect” relationships to heart, have a very high chance of making unreasonable demands to their partners.

Once we have gone public, we begin to compare our relationships with those of others who are “public” too. They are giving each other gifts, taking amazing trips, and posting a video of that amazing marriage proposal and the ring. All of a sudden, the question hits, “Why aren’t we engaged?” Or What’s wrong with my life? All sorts of negative questions will start to linger in your mind.

Some millennials tend to overestimate the importance of being “Facebook-official” and actively sharing personal stuff online. As already mentioned, social media often feeds into our insecurities.

If you find yourself hopping onto your partner’s page often, to “check” on friends, posts, and whatever, then you might be insecure in your relationship. The same goes for checking phone messages and texts. This is not a good thing. Relationships are built upon trust, and this kind of behavior smacks of the opposite.

Keep your relationship real and private.This is the key to a happy and long lasting relationship. Making it open and public to everyone is like keeping your relationship for an open debate and criticism.

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