Ways to build meaningful relationships online

Building healthy relationships is founded on being yourself, not trying to be someone you’re not, or hiding parts of yourself. 

Hence, In order to grow a relationship that started online, whether platonic or romantic, you should show your genuine self — not just the social media version. 

During this pandemic times, when it is very difficult for couples living far away to meet often, to deepen your relationship and to have that healthy relationship that is running through social media, talking on the phone regularly or meeting in person if possible, is suggested. This allows for more open conversations, where you can interact in real time. Remember that the people who you meet online can become an important part of your life.

It may seem like an invasion of privacy, but in relationships, secrecy can be dangerous. Even if your partner never actually accesses your social media accounts, the fact that you were willing to share your password will set them at ease. This is because sharing promotes trust.

Even though it’s in cyberspace, honesty and communication are the paper and binding in the book of your lives together. We all know that sometimes, people falsely portray themselves on social media. But what most people don’t know is that using technology makes people more inclined, to tell the truth, and thus, revealing their genuine selves.

Hence, we see that if you are really serious and honest about your relationship then dating online will never be a hindrance for you as long as you both are honest and true to yourself.


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