Major reasons of increasing divorce in India

In general, when a marriage takes place, the couples are considered to be together till death do them part. They are expected and believed to stay together forever. But these days we could witness many failed marriages.

In India, though the rate of divorce is much lower than in other countries, especially when compared to European Countries, it is increasing at an alarming rate.

The concept of ‘Talaaq’ came into existence in India after Muslim rule had taken place & the concept of divorce came into existence after English rule took place. In past some decades, divorce has started taking place even in the couples of Hindu or Sikh religions & in past two decades (since globalization has taken place) divorce rate has started increasing very rapidly in India and is expected to increase further.

Following are the common reasons that are becoming the most probable grounds for divorce.

Women becoming financially independent-

Women in the olden days were not educated and employed, they were totally dependent on their husband for all their needs. Hence, even if something goes wrong or the husband tortures the wife they had to remain quiet and suffer. Also after getting married, it was not easy for a woman to leave the husband and go back to parents’ house due to the fear of insult in society. Now the time has changed, parents are educating their children making them financially independent, being employed and having financial security, women no longer want to suffer, and can revolt back against her husband’s family.

Women are becoming more aware of their rights and also the government is using media to raise the awareness level of females in many ways. We don’t say that divorce is something good but if the married life is quite painful for some people then the divorce can be a better option.

Marriage against the wishes of man or woman-

One of the major reason for divorce is arranged marriage. When the boy or the girl is not willing to get married or not fully prepared to take enter the next phase of life, conflicts and fights arise affecting both the partners and families. This ultimately leads to divorce.

Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law conflicts-

This is one of the most common reason, especially in India. The maladjustment between a married woman with her mother in law or/and sister in law is what spoils the husband-wife relationship also gets affected. Initially, when a girl gets married, she needs time to adjust in the new environment, also it is not easy for her to give up her old habits if her lifestyle and habits are not liked by the mother-in-law conflict starts. Also when the boy is married, his mother is always afraid of her daughter in law snatching away his son. This kind of environment is what often leads to separation of the couples.

Fun Loving Generation-

The present generation is the fun-loving generation, not knowing the true meaning of the relationship. For them, everything is for fun. Marriage as an institution is a joke for the majority of them. They don’t know the value of marriage, if it works well and good and if not they take no pain in mending the relationship.

Interference of parents of the girl in her married life-

Sometimes, the girl’s parents especially mother interferes too much in the life of the married couple. The girl whenever she faces any trouble contacts her mother, which might not be liked by her new parents. Also, In such cases sometimes their parents instead of giving them constructive advice start giving them wrong advises of going for a revolt which enhances problems in married life.

Couples don’t know how to fight fair-

The couples have this romantic notion that if they are in “love” there should be no fighting. Once the fighting begins, they are so astonished by the idea that someone who loves them would criticize them that all hell breaks out.

Instead of realizing that fighting can be healthy for a relationship, people become highly offended, start harbouring resentment and start withdrawing from their spouse.


A person though married sometimes gets involved in the extra-marital affair. In this case, the partner becomes unfaithful, starts lying. This often leads to Arguments, denial may set in, and/or tempers can flare. The other partner no longer wishes to live with such a person. Hence leading to divorce.

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