Role of a Defence wife

Distance can do a lot of things to a marriage but a defence wife is meant to stand tall against all odds during times of uncertainty and makes it seem effortless. The level of maturity and emotional intelligence required to be a defence wife is passed on from experience by self as well as the family of other defence wards in the system since times immemorial.


The minute the knot is tied, the wife makes a promise to the country and not just to the family she is getting married to.The promise of being the backbone of the system that is responsible for providing safety to the millions of families far far away sleeping in the comforts of their homes. The soldier too sleeps soundly knowing that his parents is in good hands, as he continues his duties towards the nation giving his best.

She spends each night knowing that there might come a day when her husband would not return home and he would have to say his last goodbye miles away from her. Yet, this never has her waver from her duties and role as a defence wife.

Never giving up and continuing to be the silent, unknown strength of the nation, expecting nothing in return.


This she treats not as a sacrifice but a privilege because that is what it is.

The success of a gentleman officer is directly proportionate to the efforts and support of his partner.



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