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On the wedding day, grooms usually wear a coat suit or sherwanis. No doubt they all look good and dashing on their wedding day but nothing could beat a groom dressed up wearing his uniform. It does not only make him look unique and smart but there is dignity and respect that comes with it.

Many says that wedding day is not the right occasion to show off your uniform but we say why not? Following are the reasons why a groom has the right/why he must wear his uniform on his wedding day.

 You Have Earned The Right

Simply put, this one of the perks of serving your country.

You may not get paid well, you may get posted to a hostile land for a year, and you may have to have the same haircut for 25 years. But you can dress like a future king on your wedding day.

It Sets The Tone For The Wedding

Weddings are fun events, but a wedding in military uniform acts as a catalyst and heightens feelings and emotions. And it can work for all occasions!

 It Puts You On Equal Footing With The Bride

When you wear your uniform, don’t be surprised when you start to become the person everyone wants in the picture.

The infusion of color, great fit, and classic lines shaped over centuries will make your outfit something everyone wants to have a picture with.

All you have to do is smile!

It Saves a lot of your Money

You won’t have to spend a lot of money buying your luxury suit or sherwani.

You already own your uniform, so there is no need to spend more there – assuming your groomsmen are service members and have the same luxury.