Sanskaari Bahu

‘Sanskaari’, in Hindi, means a person who is well-mannered, well-cultured, well-behaved, knowledgeable and a well-spoken person. A Sanskaari is a person who thinks about society before taking the next step. A sanskaari never talks back to his elders. A sanskaari never forgets his table manners. A sanskaari never forgets to say his prayers. A sanskaari will treat his guests like they are God Himself.

So, in all, a sanskaari is a person who has all the good qualities you can think of under the sky.

So basically, these are the qualities that are expected from a girl in India if she is to get married. Do you think this is Alright? Certainly, it is not.

Why should only a girl be Sanskaari where every other person can live their life in comfort as per their wish?

It is strange that in a modern world like today, women are still expected to have that traditional outlook and behaviour. Below are some of the behaviours expected from a Sanskaari Bahu-

Make sure that you are always dressed traditionally covering every inch of your body at all times
You must uphold ALL kinds of traditions without giving yourself a minute to think with logic or reason.

There should always be a smile on your face
No matter how much your elders/relatives shit on you, you better take that as a champion and with a smile.

Stay home– Your beautiful face might just force an innocent, unsuspecting man to sing a song at you.

Never swear– Never ever swear, one bad word could cost you to fall from the category of Adarsh bahu and you will be considered ill-mannered and shameful.

Avoid Strangers– If you are with your husband or any other family member then it’s okay, otherwise do not dare to talk to any stranger, it will only land you in big trouble.

Always greet your elders and guests– Prepare yourself to always join your hands together for namaste.
Yes, they’ll get sore sometimes from this position but it’s all worth it because you are the most suitable girl in the damn world now.

Stay in the Kitchen– If you are not good at cooking good meals and are not ready to remain in the kitchen for a minimum of 6 hours a day then sorry you can’t be a sanskari bahu.

The list can go on and on. Some might argue that this is our tradition and we must follow them etc etc.. But we now live in the 21st century, hence everything has changed. You cannot put new women in old tradition and old marriage norms. Let them live their life freely and you will see that they have a lot more to offer you than just feeding you great meals and taking care of in-laws and the house. Keeping them under your control and making them do things your way will only ruin your relationship with your daughter in law.