Things you must avoid asking the newlyweds

There are certain conversations and questions that we must avoid while interacting with the newlyweds. There are some questions which might make them feel uncomfortable and irritated. Also it is highly impolite to ask things that is personal and confidential. We have listed down some questions which should be avoided while having a conversation with the newly weds-

No good news yet?

This is the most important question that must be avoided. Intentionally or unintentionally many people ask this question to a couple. It is embarrassing for them to answer you and also the baby cannot be produced whenever you feel like or whenever you want it. So we need to stop asking this question.

I don’t believe in marriage.

And I don’t believe in indirectly insulting someone who feels the opposite right after they’ve done the very thing you don’t “believe” in. It is better to keep such opinions and POV to yourself.

Do you miss being single?

That is past, and there is no point living in the past. Hence such questions are illogical and useless.

After you have kids are you going to keep working?

No, I will probably quit the thing I spent 60 percent of my time on so I can do nothing but post pictures of my offspring on Instagram. What do you think?

I’m so sick of seeing people’s wedding photos on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are sick of seeing people’s happy faces and joyful moments, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Do You Like your In-Laws?

On that note, apparently, we’re all asking newly-weds if they’re a fan of their new in-laws. Let’s just assume that if they consider you a good enough friend, you’re already fully aware of their thoughts and feelings regarding the in-laws. If you don’t know, sorry you’re defs not the bestie and just assume they’re not going to open up about it to you.

How’s Married Life?

Typically speaking, married couples have been together for quite some time and statistically have already been living together. So it’s pretty unlikely married life is any different to long-term relationship life.

Are you not scared that everybody around you is getting divorced?

No. They are two sane-headed adults who know that a spike in divorce rate has no impact on their married life. And, those who are getting divorced have reasons to choose separate paths. Why the hell should you scare the life out of their marriage?

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