Weddings during Covid- Do’s and Don’ts

With the world coming to a near standstill, due to pandemic, a lot of couples are now faced with the question on how to carry on with the already planned wedding ceremonies. Whether to postpone it or cancel it.  These are really challenging times, not just for to-be-partners and their families but also for all wedding venues & vendors.

Today, in this blog we are going to help you carry on with your upcoming wedding by sharing some Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow to have a safe and amazing wedding functions with your loved ones.



Since we all are aware of social distance and its importance. Make sure to have a very limited guests comprising of your close friends and relatives. This way you can enjoy your wedding with a small crowd and also helps you save a lot of money.


During these difficult times, make the best use of technology. During times where social distancing is the norm, couples have now found newer ways to commemorate their love for one another by sharing it with others through live streaming. Through this, though many are far apart, they still are able to witness this precious moment in your life. Virtual wedding is very much in trend.


Give safety the utmost priority. You may sound or look a bit extra but make sure you make all the necessary arrangements. The welcome can have the inclusion of sanitizers, masks etc, to ensure everyone is well taken care of. Make a proper announcement to make sure that everyone wear their masks at all times. Also it would be best if you can check the guests temperature while they enter. Sanitizers should be supplied.


Not Ensuring Your Guest’s Safety

At this point, safety of every individual is very essential. Temperature checks, use of sanitisers and masks along with social distancing must be maintained at all times and must not be taken casually.

Do Not Panic

Stressing about the process of preparation may lead you to cancel or give up on a lot of pre-planned decisions. But try to be positive( Not Covid positive) and look on the brighter side- it helps you think of new ways to make your wedding eventful. Your wedding may not turn out to be exactly the way you planned it but you will certainly look back on this day as one that brought you immense happiness, joy and definitely wonder (you had non other than a COVID wedding after all)!

Don’t be Disappointed

Be proud of what you have achieved in such little time, and with the resources available to you. There’s a lot that went into the creation of your day, be sure to take a beat and appreciate yourself.

What makes a wedding memorable just about the mouth-watering food or the largest no. of guests – it’s about having the opportunity to celebrate YOUR day amidst all that is happening in the world with your loved ones and your significant other.