What Should be a Mother’s Salary??

One of the purest and most beautiful relationship that ever existed in this world is of the mother and child. The first person a child gets connected to even before coming into this world is the mother. She carries the child in her womb for 9 long months, happily accepting and facing all the complications during her pregnancy.

But the struggle does not end here, in fact it is just the beginning. The mother is the one who has sleepless nights taking care of the child that is born to her. Even before she recovers from her delivery wound she has her baby by her side who is totally dependent on her.

The story of sacrifices, love continues. The kind of love that a mother posses for her kids are priceless and beyond limits.

Recently When Manushi Chillar was crowned Miss World 2017,the whole India was proud of her, it was not just because she won the title but the answer which won the crown for her  had struck a chord with mothers across the world.

When asked which profession deserves the highest salary, her answer was “that of a mother”.

However, at the same time it leaves you thinking if a Mother who sacrifices all her time for her family can ever be payed back in terms of money?  Just for a moment let us think that a mother should be paid, but how much? No wealth in this world is worthy enough to be a mother’s salary. Her love for her children and family is beyond human understanding. The beauty of Motherhood is too deep and cannot be defined in simple words.

The effort and long hours of work a mother puts in can never be measured in terms of money, as mentioned above, nothing in this world is valuable enough to give in exchange to what a mother does.

Moreover, it is a universal truth that no mother expects anything in return for the time she spends for/with her child or the sacrifices she makes. A mother might say that she needs a break for sometime but will never give up on her responsibilities. Her mind and emotional bond with her child doesn’t allow her to do that.

All we can give to a mother in return is love, respect and appreciating her strength and hardwork. She will never expect nor accept anything beyond this.



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