Why do love marriages often fail?

When two people are in love, they become the world for each other. Living without each other starts to seem impossible and all they want is to stay together forever. They complete each other. But what is that makes these marriages fail often. Why is that two people who were in so love now are all set to separate. Does this mean that love alone is not enough to have a healthy married life?

Working married women have lesser anxiety with a higher satisfaction of life than the non-working married females. They supposed to have their life to be challenging and secure. They are comfortable with their current life situations. But for the non-working married females, its just the opposite. Their anxiety level is much higher than that of the anxiety level of working females. It is also to be noted that the women in love marriages are more likely to be working than the women in arranged marriages. So the women who are in arranged marriages are more likely to be less independent and making them extremely difficult even mentally to exit a marriage.

Expectations in love marriages are more self-centered than in arranged marriages.  While couples can easily work to resolve differences similarly in any marriage situation, in general, in arranged marriage, the decision to make the marriage survive is stronger than the decision to be fulfilled individually.

Another reason is that the arranged marriage is the collective decision that involves families but for love marriage, it is not. Also, in love marriage it is free to take one more decision ‘to be separate’, and no one will oppose it. But for arranging marriage the most cases you learn to adjust with & love to your partner.

Here are other top reasons for divorce, straight from the experts.

 Thinking that Marriage Is a Cure-All

Often people make the leap to marriage without giving a great deal of thought about the person they’ll be living with for the rest of their lives. Deciding who to marry is the most important decision most people will make in their life,Yet many people do less due diligence than a gas station hiring a part-time janitor. Willful blindness does not end well.

Also there’s the very common idea that marriage will fix everything, and without any examination, this fantasy is a top reason for divorce. One of the biggest misconceptions I see is people thinking and believing that marriage is some sort of magic pill, an attorney in Charlotte. That once they are married, the annoying habits of their partner does magically go away. A great example is someone who is marrying a wild party animal. The tendency and compulsion to go out and get blasted doesn’t go away with the donning of a band of metal. It’s still there. If something annoys you before marriage, be not deceived — it will still be there after marriage.To prevent their marriage from failing, couples have to work at it, like anything else.

Issues with In-Laws

Overbearing in-laws are like a marital cliché, but if a partner isn’t prepared for the type of relationship their spouse wants to have with his or her parents or the kind of relationship his or her parents want to have with them, they could be entering into a rude reality when the marriage sets in. This is a top reason for divorce.

Difference in Religious Beliefs

When couples are dating, religion isn’t much of a concern to anyone. Holidays are often spent apart and family traditions don’t play as much of a role in the couple’s daily lives. However, after marriage, things become more serious, religion and tradition tend to become more important and, if both couples aren’t following the same thing, trouble can arise. Many top reasons for divorce boil down to lack of communication, and this is a particularly big one.

Arguments Over Family Responsibilities

Small arguments and disagreements are part and parcel of any relationship, but choosing how to raise a family and run a household can reveal the non-negotiable. Family responsibilities can include things like who pays which bills or who does grocery shopping and who will get the tap fixed and who is going to take care of the kids and how. A couple who doesn’t agree on a particular parenting style or how to manage their child and home care responsibilities may find themselves feeling uncomfortably incompatible. A spouse who believes in more traditional gender roles may butt heads with a spouse who wants everything to be more even. These aspects of everyday life are fundamental to family dynamics, so sharp differences can end in divorce.

Not Speaking Up

Both Marriage and life, are hard. And if one person or the other feels as though they’re taking on too much of the burden, that can lead to discord. This is doubled when that person feels the need to keep those burdens quiet and not sharing with their partner. Moreover, when the other party hears about how the burdened party feels, the response is ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ or ‘I would have helped had I known’. So, speak up. If you feel like you are not okay, say something. Let your partner know. Preventing divorce has a lot to do with dealing with the little things when they happen. Be vocal about it and take help of your partner to help you solve the problems you are facing.


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