Winter wedding outfits to shine in

You are all dolled up wearing the best dress and your make up on point. Everything is set, and you are ready to flaunt your curves until you realize it’s too chilly outside. That’s when you realize that you cannot pair your saree with a woolen sweater/jacket? Now what? How to keep yourself warm without disturbing your fashion sense? The options are not limited, but it is on you how much you are willing to explore and try out new things!

  • Do not compromise on your comfort! Wear outfits that are warm and stylish. Velvet outfits, shawls, designer jackets are a must.
  • Long coats are trending a lot these days. Do not hesitate to wear them with kurta trousers or even a long dress. Trust us, it looks chic and is something a lot of bloggers have been wearing lately.
  • Try the double dupatta style for additional warmth. Wear your outfit’s dupatta on the neck or one shoulder, and wrap a heavily embellished shawl around your shoulders.
  • Heels and strappy sandals are a tough choice for winter weddings. You won’t be able to walk properly, and your feet will be sore after a while. Instead, go with pumps, stilettos, and Khussas.
  • Go for full sleeve outfits and a saree blouse to stay warm. You can opt for balloon sleeves, churidar sleeves, or long slit sleeves.
  • If your outfit is comparatively simple and the fabric is thin, wear a short embellished jacket over it.
  • I prefer going for floor-length outfits, with multiple layers, because they look exquisite and keeps you warm!
  • Dark and bold colors such as black, maroon, navy blue, royal green, etc., look stunning in winters; hence, elevating your style game choose one of them.
  • Winter weddings are usually a good option for expressing yourself through bold makeup and your favourite accessories. Don’t hesitate to wear a red lip color, smokey eye makeup, and heavy Jhumkas. However, go easy on the necklace and bracelets in this case.

Here is a list of the top winter Indian wedding outfits

Shararas Are Always The Best Option

Completely in awe of this oh so charming bridal sharara. The multi-colored outfit completely has our heart and we think it’s definitely the pick for the big day.

Phulkari never goes out of style

If you want to look different from everyone in the wedding hall, you must try Phulari outfits. They can redesign your entire look, and the variety of colors will add a sprinkle of vibrancy to your persona. This is, hands downs, the most vibrant outfit for an Indian wedding during the winter season. Available in multiple iridescent shades, phulkari will give you an edge over others.

Velvet Attire

You can never go wrong with head to toe velvet for winter weddings. Velvet gives off a luxurious vibe and keeps you warm. You may make your other outfits work in the daytime because the sun will somehow provide you some warmth. But for night time or mostly outdoor events, wear head to toe velvet attire. You can either go with a two-piece outfit or one long gown- the choice is yours! Velvet is a pretty rich fabric, so even if you keep the rest of your look low-key, you will look on point.

Warm fancy Shawls for Wedding

Brides should never compromise on their comfort and should add a heavy shawl to their outfit for an additional layer of warmth. You can style your outfit with double dupattas as well!

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