Not all women wish to marry a defence officer, in fact there are not many ladies who choose defence officers as their life partners. The reason is simple, you need to have a brave heart to marry them. Marrying a defence officer is not every ones cup of tea. Queen Elizabeth once said, ‘If you love an Army Officer, raise your glass.. And if an Army officer loves you.. Raise your head and walk like a QUEEN’.

Let’s find out the reasons why young ladies choose to marry a defence officer-

They have a high calling; they are committed to serving our country, and their loyalty to the nation runs deep. They also forge strong bonds with one another. They commit themselves to a purpose, and to one another, all for a greater cause. They are capable of devoting themselves in a relationship and to only ONE woman. They are unselfish and their integrity is guaranteed.

If you’re a woman, and can gain access to a military base, head to the mess. Take a walk around. Every door will be opened for you if there is a gentleman nearby who can do so. They all stand on our feet anytime a lady enters the mess. If you drop something, a man in uniform will pick it up.That’s just the way they are. They are conditioned to offer help, they like to be of service, they are trained well because with a military man, chivalry is definitely not dead. Did I mention that they will never let you pay for dinner?

Most women don’t have a lot of experience shooting guns, going on vigorous hikes, rappelling or doing something crazy. In every new relationship, partners teach one another new things and introduce each other to new hobbies. Military men usually have pretty cool hobbies that most women haven’t ever experienced. It’s fun to try out something completely different. It’s also very easy to get close and cuddly with your man when he’s teaching you to shoot a gun, or showing you how to throw a punch.

Mostly every women want to feel safe with their guy. They want to feel like he can defend them in a dark alley at night. Military men usually know how to use a gun, they know how to throw a punch, and they have experience carrying fellow soldiers who may have been injured. It’s nice to know that if you need them to, they can take charge.

They may deploy for six months at a time, maybe a whole year. They have temporary duty assignments, they take classes, and go for training, all across the country and the world. This means that they aren’t always with their loved ones very often, so when they are, they know how to make it count.


We all hate waiting right? A man from defence will never make you wait, instead he will always be there before time. Time and punctuality take on a new role in your life when your boyfriend/husband is an Army man. Defence men are all about being on time—army time, anyway.


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