Importance of appreciating your better

Many of us think that praising and appreciating your partner is important till the time you are dating or are newly married. On the flip side, it’s better to give than receive: praising your spouse strengthens and intensifies your feelings of love for him or her. Putting your focus on their positive attributes, then vocalizing them, helps you to keep your attention where it needs to be: on the best things about your spouse.

You must praise them for the most important reason that they are still faithful to you and for being your forever support system.

Ever noticed how lovely and soothing the experience is to see old couples appreciating and praising each other. If you haven’t then you must, It will teach you a whole new meaning of true love.

Sharing with you some reasons why you must appreciate and praise your better half till death do you part-

It helps them grow and develop

We all need encouragement in life. It makes us want to be the best we can be. In marriage, we have an amazing power to build up our spouses and encourage them. When we feel confident and loved, we try harder, and it makes us want to be better spouses.

It makes you believe the best about them

We believe what we say most often, so if we praise our spouses both to their faces and to others, we focus on the best of them. The more we focus, the more we see, and the more we see, the happier we are. By believing the best about our spouse, grace and trust will be much easier for us to give.

Praise creates a united front

This benefit to praise in marriage is twofold:

  1. Praise unifies you from within your marriage
  2. Praise unifies your marriage from the outside in

Boost your relationship in a positive way

Your spouse would feel more loved and wanted when you praise them for who they are and what they do. It will create in them a positive vibe which will benefit you and your relationship. It is indeed one of the most important tools to create a healthy and strong relationship after marriage. After all, being loved is always better than to love.

Creates mutual respect for each other

It will help create respect for each other which is very important in any type of relationship. When you respect your better half, it is not just the person you are giving respect to but their thoughts and ideas and everything about them. This will, in turn, help you grow together and the love between you two will never grow old.

“When we feel encouraged and uplifted by our spouse, commitment and loyalty naturally follow.”

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