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Having time by yourself is a totally normal part of a healthy relationship.
Taking out time for yourselves does not mean being selfish and ignoring your partner.
It has nothing to do with how your relationship is going. Having some time apart is important to both you and your partner — and can also benefit the relationship as a whole. Rather than being a sign that your relationship is at breaking point, it can keep your relationship from getting to breaking point.

In reality, brief periods of solitude recharge our soul batteries and allow us to give even more to our partners and to the relationship itself.

Here’s why you should take some space, according to experts.

It Can Improve Your Relationship

Spending time away from your partner isn’t a sign the relationship is struggling — it’s a sign that you’re caring for yourself and for the relationship. So take some time to do things that make you feel great and see the people you love. You and your relationship will be better for it. Always staying together and depending on your partner for all your needs will only put pressure on him and he might feel suffocated and stressed.

It Helps You To Maintain Your Individuality

Do you know those couples who only do things together? The couples who drop their separate friends and separate interests to become a sort of weird couple-blob? You don’t need to spend time away from the things you love just because you’re in a relationship now. There’s no need to lose that identity, whether you’re just dating, in a long-term relationship, or married. By spending time apart and keeping up the things you love, you can still be the person you always were. By engaging in activities independent of each other, couples are better able to maintain their sense of self and bring diverse experiences to their relationship.

If you and your partner spend all of your time together, that puts way too much pressure on them, tooThey can’t be your everything. They cannot make you happy, but they begin to fear you’ll abandon them if they don’t, and that fear stifles their ability to add much at all to your happiness.”

If you spend time with your friends and family and keep doing things you love, you’ll be getting your needs met by a whole range of people and things. Then your partner can focus on being your partner, rather than trying to be your everything.


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